Alfresco Software unveils new Intelligence Services for its cloud-first Digital Business Platform

Alfresco Software, a commercial, open source software company unveiled the immediate availability of a new Intelligence Services for its cloud-first Digital Business Platform.

The Intelligence Services that seamlessly leverages Amazon Web Service uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to provide enterprises with a highly-scalable method for intelligently extracting important content often locked away in multiple documents, scanned images, videos and photographs.

According to Forrester, they are seeing “[their] customers want to extract more data and value from their managed content. AI and analytics are rapidly entering the landscape, particularly with cloud content platforms. Opportunities to automate the extraction of themes and entities and apply relevant metadata without disturbing information workers are becoming real.”

Tony Grout, Chief Product Officer, noted: “The Alfresco Intelligence Services module enables users to access critical information from any type of content such as names and date of birth from a scan of a passport or a car license plate to a photograph of a traffic accident. While the underlying technology is sophisticated AI and ML, we have designed the Alfresco Intelligence Services so that customers can easily define specific use-cases using very simple Alfresco Rules and Actions.”

Alfresco is seeing significant demand for its Intelligence Services for two use-cases, Claims Service Automation and Citizen Services. Claims Service Automation helps insurance companies improve file intake and orchestrates claims processes in a secure and regulatory-compliant manner.

Alfresco’s Citizen Services’ capability enables government agencies to receive and manage information and service requests from citizens. It includes content management, process design & orchestration as well as governance.

Grout added: “In each of the Citizens Services and Claims Service Automation use-cases, Alfresco Intelligence Services help streamline processes by intelligently extracting critical information from document scans, video feeds, photographs and other unstructured data sources and adding to the case file as structured data. In essence, we created simply a better way to use Al and ML without the need for data scientists to configure and train AI over time.”

Alfresco Intelligence Services captures and preserves all AI data, which means users can reuse the data at any time when needed. It also extracts relevant intelligence in a way that provides granular control and enables users to use complex metadata structures, as well as build more effective user interfaces.

The Alfresco Intelligence Services natively integrates with Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Rekognition, and Amazon Textract (currently in preview mode) to provide enterprises with the ability to recognize specific, relevant information and extract it instantly using machine learning.

Users can now drive even more value with the ability to analyze their content and gain insights based on entities (e.g., people, places, locations), more than a hundred languages, and key phrases.

They can also perform sentiment analysis to detect positive, negative, neutral and even mixed emotions. Additionally, through the use of deep learning technology, users can extract textual context from images and videos, and identify people, text, scenes and objects.

The textual information can then be stored as document properties in Alfresco’s Digital Business Platform.

Moreover, the Intelligent Services provides a smart OCR & information processing capability that allows enterprises to take a mass ingestion of information and automatically classify the content instantly – ultimately, a self-learning service that improves its quality over time using machine learning.

The Alfresco Digital Business Platform (DBP) connects people, processes and systems seamlessly, and delivers content to the people who need it when they want it.

This in turn enables our customers to turn their content into knowledge through scalable processes built for their business, while protecting it with powerful governance capabilities.

The DBP is a fully integrated platform that provides a flexible, agile framework that our customers can use to build their own unique process & content centric digital experiences.

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