Ipswitch adds new features to its networking monitoring software

Ipswitch, producer of award-winning and easy-to-use secure file transfer and network management software, unveiled WhatsUp Gold 2019 networking monitoring software with several new features that enable IT teams to better control their expanding networks.

Completely reimagined for modern network architecture, the new version of the award-winning network monitoring software aims to deliver better usability and superior visibility into enterprise networks, whether in the cloud or on-premises.

Users can get even better insight into their hybrid networks and respond quickly to issues with new features such as a Live Activity Status Bar & Report, a Suspicious Connections Report, the Configuration Comparison Report, an enhanced maintenance mode report and an improved Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Interface.

“Our mission is to empower customers to respond faster to business demands through accelerated implementation and improved productivity,” said Bill Doll, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Ipswitch.

“We are continually improving WhatsUp Gold to meet customer requests for increased visibility into their networks and simpler ways to take advantage of that visibility. This latest version of WhatsUp Gold addresses customer feedback and makes it even easier for IT administrators to see what’s happening in their networks.”

A MarketsandMarkets report noted that the rise in network complexities and security concerns are creating demand for continuous network monitoring. It is forecasted that the market will reach USD $2.93 billion by 2023.

With WhatsUp Gold 2019, Ipswitch is going beyond the pace of the market, answering the call for better network visibility and offering a comprehensive platform to gain actionable insights and respond quickly to threats or network issues.

“With the IT pendulum swinging back toward distributed computing, enterprises now have applications and workloads spread across private data centers, public clouds and the edge,” stated Bob Laliberte, Sr. Analyst at ESG.

“As a result, keeping the network up and optimized is even more critical to ensuring positive customer experiences. Therefore, it is imperative for operations teams to have solutions, like WhatsUp Gold 2019, that provide extensive visibility into these complex, hybrid environments and deliver actionable insights to minimize the impact of a degraded service or outage.”

Key benefits of WhatsUp Gold 2019:

  • The new Live Activity Status Bar & Report ensures network administrators do not miss any status changes in real time
  • The redesigned Application Performance Monitoring interface simplifies workflows and improves usability
  • The Configuration Comparison Report allows users to easily view configuration archives from multiple devices and compare them side by side to see what’s changed and when
  • The Network Traffic Analysis now identifies and reveals traffic and conversations with suspicious IP addresses inside or outside your network, allowing users to act quickly and take appropriate measures to correct the threat and minimize damage
  • The enhanced Maintenance Mode feature makes it possible to enter a reason when placing a device into Maintenance Mode, viewable in the new Maintenance Mode Report
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