Intezer unveils its Endpoint Analysis solution as an addition to Intezer Analyze platform

Intezer announced the inception of its Endpoint Analysis solution, adding to the company’s Genetic Malware Analysis offerings.

Located within the Intezer Analyze platform, the Endpoint Analysis solution consists of a zero-installation scanner that analyzes every single piece of code running in a computer’s memory, including executable files and injected malicious code modules.

“The Endpoint Analysis solution combines the sophistication of deep code and memory analysis with the simplicity of a fast and easy-to-use scanner, enabling users to detect sophisticated APTs and fileless threats running in an endpoint,” said Intezer CEO Itai Tevet.

“Intezer Analyze users can quickly scan the memory of entire machines using Genetic Malware Analysis to detect infections running within their suspicious endpoints, empowering security operations center (SOC) and incident response teams to accelerate response time and efficiently respond to a greater number of alerts.”

Powered by Genetic Malware Analysis technology, Intezer Analyze is a subscription-based SaaS product providing malware detection, analysis and classification.

With a simple online API access, the product functions as a plug-and-play solution for any process operating within an organization’s incident response or daily cybersecurity monitoring.

Intezer Analyze is also offered as a free version where users can detect code reuse in trusted and malicious software and obtain insights about malware families and threat actors.

With this addition Intezer Analyze includes file analysis, endpoint analysis and an IDA Pro plugin reverse engineering tool.

“In recent years companies have adopted next-gen endpoint security solutions that are effective for alerting about suspicious activities,” said Tevet.

“However, even when an anomaly has been detected you still need to identify the core problem. Investigating and responding to these alerts requires time and advanced skills such as performing a manual memory analysis. Intezer’s Endpoint Analysis solution automates this complicated triage process, to quickly identify the malicious code running in memory and enabling organizations to automate the sophisticated process of memory analysis on every single alert.”

Intezer Analyze community users have the ability to make one endpoint scan per day. Enterprise users have unlimited scans and their analysis reports are private.

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