CoreSite Interconnect Gateway accelerates enterprises’ digital integration

CoreSite Realty Corporation, a provider of secure, reliable, high-performance data center and interconnection solutions across the U.S., announced the launch of the CoreSite Interconnect Gateway or “CIG” solution.

Simplifying the enterprise digital strategy

The CoreSite Interconnect Gateway offers enterprises a way to simplify and accelerate their digital integration by enabling a dedicated, high-performance interconnection solution between their cloud and network service providers, while establishing a flexible IT architecture that allows them to adapt to market demands and rapidly evolving technologies.

Leveraging CoreSite’s data centers

The CoreSite Interconnect Gateway solution starts with CoreSite’s scalable, secure, and reliable data centers, and directly integrates enterprises’ WAN architecture into CoreSite’s native cloud and carrier ecosystem using high-speed fiber and virtual interconnections.

This solution includes:

  • Private network connectivity to the CoreSite data center
  • Dedicated cabinets and network hardware for routing, switching, and security
  • Direct fiber and virtual interconnections to cloud and network providers
  • Technical integration, 24/7/365 monitoring and management from a certified CoreSite Solution Partner
  • Industry-leading SLA

Enabling enterprises to deliver critical applications to end users

“With our CoreSite Interconnect Gateway, we address key challenges many enterprises are struggling with as they modernize their WAN architecture and integrate their digital strategy,” said Steven Smith, CoreSite’s Chief Revenue Officer.

“We offer customers a simplified and managed network solution that reduces latency, improves application performance, and provides a consistent end-user experience that is protected with an industry-leading SLA.”

Delivering benefits to enterprises

With CoreSite’s Interconnect Gateway, by simplifying and accelerating their digital strategies, enterprises can benefit from a network, performance, and capital investment and resources perspective.

Leveraging CoreSite’s Solution Partners Program

One of the many benefits to CoreSite’s Data Center customers, is its powerful Solution Partners Program. Synoptek, a leading managed service provider in the program, will collaborate with enterprises to implement the CIG solution.

“We’re excited to partner with CoreSite’s enterprise customers to implement this valuable turn-key service and navigate them through the challenges and resource requirements of managing and integrating a digital strategy,” said Mike Bank, Synoptek’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

“Through the CoreSite Interconnect Gateway enterprises have a solution to help achieve their targeted technological, operational, and financial benefits.”

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