CyberSaint launches CyberStrong, a new integrated risk management solution

CyberSaint, the leading cybersecurity software firm powering automated, intelligent compliance and risk management, announced the general availability of the latest version of its CyberStrong integrated risk management platform, which enables customers to leverage customized alerting, enhanced authentication, and out-of-the-box vulnerability intelligence to accelerate continuous compliance and risk management.

CyberStrong’s actionable vulnerability intelligence is the first solution that automatically points to customer-specific CVEs based on gaps within a customer’s compliance and risk assessments, suggesting remediation paths and enabling organizations to successfully mitigate real-time risks continuously.

Customers rely on CyberStrong as the only 100 percent out-of-the-box integrated risk management platform to leverage patented remediation action planning optimizations, mappings and prioritization from vulnerabilities to controls live in customer environments, and a near-zero implementation time. Other highly rated features include real-time reporting at the assessment level for teams, senior management, and the Board of Directors.

CyberStrong integrates with the NIST National Vulnerability Database (NVD)

“Until now, there’s been no mapping that exists from the Common Vulnerability Enumeration to the control level, allowing for continuous, real-time risk management within assessment environments that is both specific to the organization’s risk posture and actionable,” said Padraic O’Reilly, CyberSaint’s Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder.

“CyberSaint’s patented technology allows for the first and only, truly granular look at how CVSS scoring for live vulnerabilities is related to gaps in an organization’s compliance and risk assessments. We are continuing with our mission to add as much automation, simplicity, and personalization to the risk and compliance process as possible, making it truly continuous, scalable, and easily communicated.”

CyberStrong’s actionable vulnerability intelligence allows organizations to empower their security teams by making optimal use of the human capital within their organization.

Eliminating manual effort and costs previously associated with creating these mappings and working through thousands of vulnerabilities, CyberStrong automates the projection of CVE data and associated risks into the control compliance environments, making recommendations based on customer gaps, risks, and assets being assessed.

CyberStrong adds configurable alerting, single sign on, and additional hosting capabilities

The new CyberStrong enhancements include the availability of the CyberStrong platform in private, hybrid, and on-premise customer environments, as well as its existing Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery option.

Single Sign On is also available for customers who rely on Ping, Okta, and other authentication services via OpenID connect. The added customer alerts provide managers, contributors, and administrators with various alerting options such as workflow change, control assessment and documentation alerts, task assignments, and requests for approval.

These product enhancements not only allow for enhanced out-of-the-box value for existing customers, but also allow CyberSaint to continue to deploy, simplify, and add value in the most complex programs and mature organizations that demand efficiency at scale.

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