BitDam’s new PenTest helps determine the effectiveness of an organization’s security tools

BitDam, provider of cybersecurity solutions that protect enterprise communications from advanced threats hidden in files and links, announced the availability of a new, free data security penetration testing (PenTest) via its website.

Today’s enterprises are surprisingly still vulnerable to cyberattack, often finding it challenging to accurately gauge how well their sensitive data is protected. One of the key challenges in achieving an integrated security assessment, is gaining an understanding of existing security gaps and what is needed to close them.

A PenTest helps determine the effectiveness of an organization’s security tools by identifying strengths and weaknesses. BitDam offers a free, no obligation email PenTest available online. BitDam sends a controlled test, that includes a series of file-based cyberattacks, to a designated account.

Any attack emails that are delivered to the determined test inbox indicate a failure point in cybersecurity. The BitDam PenTest report provides test results delivering insight into the strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s security solutions. The PenTest results are private, even to BitDam.

“Over the course of the past year, BitDam has identified instances of one malicious file for up to every 3K emails sent,” said Liron Barak, CEO of BitDam.

“This ratio indicates that the likelihood is quite high for an enterprise to receive a cyberattack attempt at any time. BitDam’s free PenTest can help organizations understand where their vulnerabilities lie. Our PenTest is readily available on our website and is offered for free with no obligation. We are happy to provide this service to help a business understand where it may need to patch a hole in its security defense.”

BitDam can provide additional support to the organizations completing a PenTest, further examining any security gaps and performing broader PenTests within the organization, if needed.

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