CHAOSSEARCH releases new search and analytics platform for cloud storage

CHAOSSEARCH, creator of the first solution to make cloud storage searchable, announced the general availability of their industry-leading search and analytics platform. Using scalable elasticity and disruptive cost economics, the CHAOSSEARCH platform gives customers the ability to store, search and query all the data they need within their own Amazon S3 environment.

The CHAOSSEARCH platform delivers rapid search and analytics through a managed service, based on simple, elastic storage. As the data companies need to store grows exponentially, the current solutions and services available become more and more cost prohibitive and difficult to manage.

The CHAOSSEARCH platform helps combat these challenges by eliminating the need to move or transform data into specific siloed databases via our patent pending Data Edge technology.

Data Edge automates this process by fully indexing datasets with its built-in schema detection, normalization, and compression algorithms. Customers can dynamically and seamlessly combine storage with indexing for live and historical analysis.

“Deriving insight from data is critical—for a company and its customers,” said Andrew Kenney, VP Engineering at Klaviyo.

“As a data science platform for e-commerce brands, we work with thousands of customers globally. It’s critical that we have fast, reliable access to all of our logs and event telemetry to allow us to make decisions faster. CHAOSSEARCH is helping us improve the service we deliver.”

The CHAOSSEARCH platform allows users to unlock their data and query it in a meaningful way. Key benefits include:

  • Fully-managed service based on your Amazon S3 storage
  • No data movement or external storage of your private data
  • Built-in data cataloging and organizing services for S3 management
  • One-click schema detection, normalization, and indexing at any scale
  • Data refinery console for advanced data transformations, no re-indexing
  • Elasticsearch compatible API with fully integrated Kibana visualization
  • Multi-tenancy and Account Management for optimized usage/capacity planning
  • Separation of storage from compute, enabling infinite data retention at any scale

“The cloud has unleashed incredible complexity to data search, analytics, and management, causing organizations to face an ongoing tradeoff between storing the data they need and the astronomical costs associated with it,” said Thomas Hazel, founder and CTO at CHAOSSEARCH.

“We’ve taken a new approach that enables organizations to dramatically increase data scale while, at the same time, dramatically reducing infrastructure and operational costs of text search and relational analytics.”

“One of the most valuable and strategic assets an organization has is its data,” said Mike Leone, senior analyst at ESG.

“However, the investment required to store, manage and access data quickly carries significant upfront infrastructure and ongoing operational costs that often limits the data an organization can analyze for potential insight. CHAOSSEARCH offers a new approach to analytics and business intelligence with a disruptive model that lets customers make use of all of their data for better, faster insights.”

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