Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric platform now integrates with Carbon Black’s CB Defense

Bay Dynamics, a leader in cyber risk analytics, announced that the Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric platform now integrates with Carbon Black’s next-generation antivirus (NGAV) + endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution, CB Defense.

The integration gives customers the ability to identify and stop malicious activity before an attack occurs, no matter whether the threat originates from the endpoint or in the cloud.

“The combination of Risk Fabric’s integrated analytics with Carbon Black’s award-winning EDR technology means security analysts can benefit from greater visibility into where threats occur, gaining the additional context necessary to tackle complex multi-stage attacks,” said Ryan Stolte, CTO of Bay Dynamics.

“Organizations are increasingly seeking to integrate standalone technologies to accelerate response. Our integration with CB Defense is an example of how these tools can be tied together to increase visibility, orchestrate workflows and amplify their respective values.”

Risk Fabric combines data from CB Defense and other sources such as DLP, CASB and proxy data, to provide context around malicious behaviors and identify which endpoints may be under attack, along with creating a timeframe of suspicious activities and their estimated security impacts.

Risk Fabric’s automated analytics, backed by patented machine learning, also enables targeted remediation, including kill chain-type incident response.

Using this information, security analysts can rapidly prioritize which endpoints represent the highest levels of risk and take steps to mitigate attacks before they can fully execute, compromise the system or result in related data loss.

“Together with Bay Dynamics, we can provide customers with detailed visibility into numerous events and behaviors indicative of cyberattacks,” said Tom Barsi, Carbon Black’s SVP of Business Development.

“With this knowledge, teams can better determine the volume of potential malicious activity and then isolate that activity. We believe this integration with Bay Dynamics will prove to be a critical step in helping them to prevent today’s complex, multi-stage threats.”

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