Pivot3 partners with Citrix to support Citrix Virtual Desktops on its intelligent HCI platform

Pivot3, a leading provider of intelligent infrastructure solutions, announced a strengthened relationship with Citrix to support the latest version of Citrix Virtual Desktops on Pivot3’s intelligent hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) platform.

This gives customers the ability to support mission-critical workforce mobility initiatives and improve user experience with the simplicity and performance offered by Pivot3’s intelligent automation and policy-based management capabilities.

Pivot3’s customers deploy Citrix virtual desktops for many business use cases, including mobile medical workstations, financial trading terminals, classroom and e-learning applications, multi-stream monitoring of security systems, and others.

“As businesses progress toward a more distributed and mobile workforce, IT plays a crucial role in providing the next generation of infrastructure to deliver security, resilience and manageability at scale,” said Mike Koponen, senior director product marketing and technical alliances, Pivot3.

“Citrix has proven itself as a leader in solutions where VDI plays a critical role, and Pivot3 is an ideal infrastructure platform for customers looking to reduce their datacenter footprint while ensuring the performance and scalability of their VDI environments.”

“Citrix customers are deploying mission-critical virtual desktop deployments across a wide range of verticals including healthcare, financial services, engineering, manufacturing and more,” said John Panagulias, director, Citrix Ready, Citrix.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Pivot3 in our mission to provide superior performance and user experience for today’s increasingly mobile and distributed workforce.”

Pivot3 HCI is powered by the industry’s only policy-based Intelligence Engine, which provides automated performance, data protection and security management, and an NVMe flash multi-tier architecture to accelerate performance and reduce datacenter footprint for Citrix customers, delivering the best end-user experience possible from their virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment Additionally, Pivot3’s ability to scale compute, storage and graphics processing units (GPUs) separately offers ultimate flexibility as the Citrix VDI environment scales, helping to simplify VDI-phased deployments.

Pivot3 recently partnered with Login VSI to test and document a reference solution architecture utilizing Pivot3 HCI, Citrix Virtual Desktops and Windows 10. The reference architecture validates how Pivot3 can support market-leading densities for demanding VDI workloads, helping reduce the hardware footprint.

“We were delighted to see how Pivot3 performed with Login VSI’s benchmark. We used one of the more demanding workloads with the Windows 10 operating system and Knowledge Worker workload profile, and Pivot3 was able to deliver incredibly impressive benchmark performance charts,” said Blair Parkhill, director, products, Login VSI.

“In our opinion, Pivot3’s policy-based management capability is a powerful tool to automate user performance management, simplify VDI, and deliver a superior end-user experience.”

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