Cyleron launches a new user authentication and behavioral biometrics ML software platform

Cyleron, an artificial intelligence enabled software and services company announced the launch of its flagship cybersecurity software solution, CyleronCentry. CyleronCentry is a continuous user authentication & behavioral biometrics machine learning software platform.

Companies are under continuous digital assault by cybercriminals seeking to exploit any and all possible weaknesses whether in hardware, software, or end-user behavior. Unfortunately, the vast majority of data breaches are due to weak or stolen authentication credentials. The concept of the password for system authentication is inherently flawed and outdated.

Passwords can often be guessed, revealed from brute force techniques, stolen, shared, phished, etc. CyleronCentry is the next generation of end-user authentication and is continuous, highly specific to the individual, and accurate.

CyleronCentry uses advanced deep neural network techniques to process keyboard data and create a detailed behavioral-biometric profile to match the individual user. In the event an anomaly is detected, the administrator or system security professional is notified immediately via any method of their choosing for analysis.

“CyleronCentry’s artificial intelligence enhanced detection capabilities makes it a valuable and formidable addition to a company’s cybersecurity arsenal. By continuously authenticating users with their unique behavioral footprint, CyleronCentry forever changes the traditional password authentication landscape,” said Cyleron Inc. CEO, Susan Rebner.

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