BigID new capabilities help enterprises scale responses to data access requests for privacy regulations

BigID, the leader in ML-driven personal data discovery and privacy, announced first-of-their-kind data access rights management features to help enterprises automate fulfillment of personal data access requests for privacy regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Personal data rights around access and deletion of personal information are a cornerstone of more than 130 privacy regulations around the world. The laws grant consumers the right to access and in some instances, delete, correct or port the data organizations hold on them. For companies, this requires a new ability to locate all the personal data they hold on every individual across their entire data and application landscape.

BigID pioneered the technology to help organizations find and inventory personal information by identity to fulfill privacy-driven personal data rights. The new advanced capabilities expand the company’s market leadership in enterprise data access lifecycle management.

The new features include:

  • Enhanced AI for identifying contextual personal data
  • Smarter classification and correlation for connecting data to a person
  • Expanded data coverage to more than 50 systems in the data center and cloud
  • Enhanced data access management capabilities for analysts and operators
  • New programmatic bulk processing capabilities for high volume requests
  • Deep customization and summarization templates for tailored responses
  • Enriched workflows for deletion, correction and portability
  • Consent tracking and orchestration
  • Automation for validating deleted data
  • SDK integration with web and mobile data access request portals

“BigID was first to market with technology that can deliver on the vision of personal data rights enshrined in privacy regulations like the EU’s GDPR and now CCPA,” said Nimrod Vax, co-founder and chief product officer, BigID.

“We believe that data access rights are foundational to privacy, however, they require new capabilities for the enterprise to find, resolve and connect even contextual personal data back to a person at petabyte scale. These latest data access features further cement our leadership in this critical privacy segment.”

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