Elevate Security adds self-service phishing assessments by acquiring Phish5

Elevate Security, the first fully integrated Security Behavior Training and Analytics Platform, announced that it has acquired Phish5, a phishing simulation suite known for its ease of use. The Phish5 product has been integrated into the Elevate Platform, and is renamed as Elevate Phishing.

Phishing is in the top three most common attack vectors, and remains incredibly effective, making it a critical security capability to measure employees’ resilience against these email-based attacks.

With the addition of self-service phishing assessments, the Elevate Platform is becoming an even more robust solution for CISOs and security awareness practitioners to get unprecedented, holistic visibility into employees’ security behaviors, along with groundbreaking security behavior change tools, all in one platform.

“The Phish5 team built something radically new and different in its ease of use and measurability. It aligns perfectly with Elevate’s data-driven approach to motivate measurable behavior change, going beyond just awareness,” said Robert Fly, co-founder and CEO of Elevate Security.

Haroon Meer, founder of Thinkst Applied Research, the lab that built Phish5, said, “We built Phish5 because we wanted to help organizations improve and measure their email security hygiene. Elevate Security is the freshest take we’ve seen at changing organizational security behavior, and an obvious first choice as the new home for the Phish5 product. We can’t wait to see what the smart folks there do with it going forward.”

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