Eurofins wins the right to serve as official CI Plus 2.0 test partner

End-to-end quality assurance (QA) and testing services provider Eurofins has won the right to serve as the official test partner for the CI Plus 2.0 standard.

The CI Plus standard is an enhanced security system designed to allow manufacturers, operators and broadcasters to deliver secure content on digital TV receivers via the Common Interface (CI) and Conditional Access Module (CAM).

The next-gen CI Plus 2.0 specification adds a USB-form factor, whereby consumers can receive pay-TV services by leveraging USB-based CAMs.

The announcement was made by CI Plus LLP, the CI Plus Trust Authority, comprising Sony, Samsung, TP Vision, Panasonic, Neotion and SMiT, Eurofins Digital Testing is currently the official CI Plus test partner for CI Plus 1.4.

Eurofins will provide early access to the automated CI Plus 2.0 test tool to enable pre-testing of devices in advance of certification. Eurofins’ early access programme to the CI Plus 2.0 test tool will begin in the coming months, and licensees interested in participating in this programme are advised to contact Eurofins directly.

“CI Plus is committed to providing consumers with easy access to secure, premium content on their TVs, and CI Plus 2.0 makes that even easier with its USB interface support,” said the CI Plus LLP Chairman.

“Based on our existing relationship, we’re confident Eurofins will help ensure a certified testing regime is easily accessible and take CI Plus 2.0 forward to market launch.”

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