MAXIMUS Intelligent Assistant receives FedRAMP Authorization

MAXIMUS, a leading provider of government services worldwide, announced that the MAXIMUS Intelligent Assistant, powered by Interactions (Intelligent Assistant), has received Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Authorization.

This marks the third FedRAMP Authorization for MAXIMUS, with MAXIMUS Cloud and the MAXIMUS Engagement Platform recently having their FedRAMP Authorizations transitioned to MAXIMUS.

With the FedRAMP Authorizations, MAXIMUS can provide state-of-the-art, secure customer care technology to federal agencies. The MAXIMUS family of citizen engagement tools provide best-in-class turnkey solutions that support agency efforts to meet key federal initiatives, including budget objectives and driving the trend for more self-service through a unified multichannel platform.

“Federal agencies are increasingly focused on improving the overall experience of the citizens they serve,” said Bruce Caswell, President and Chief Executive Officer of MAXIMUS.

“With these FedRAMP Authorizations, MAXIMUS is able to meet the stringent security requirements of federal agencies, while delivering an innovative and cost-effective solution that can ultimately support mission objectives and provide the highest quality citizen services.”

The Intelligent Assistant is an intelligent virtual assistant developed with technology from Interactions and is being deployed at select federal agencies. It was designed to enable agencies to enhance their self-service offerings by allowing citizens to complete a wide variety of transactions.

Incorporating Interactions’ Adaptive Understanding technology, the Intelligent Assistant merges artificial intelligence (AI) and human understanding to deliver rich, conversational, human-like interactions. In turn, it enables citizens to more easily accomplish tasks and get to the right customer service representative to serve their needs.

MAXIMUS Cloud is an enterprise-level, FedRAMP Authorized cloud to support programs of all sizes and complexities. MAXIMUS Cloud provides security, visibility and enhanced performance through proactive monitoring, alerting and maintenance without service interruption.

Serving multiple government customers, this multi-tenant private and community cloud is hosted in geographically dispersed data centers in the United States. It provides security, visibility and enhanced performance through proactive monitoring, alerting and maintenance without service interruption.

The MAXIMUS Engagement Platform is designed for government agencies that require a scalable, tailorable telephony infrastructure for their citizen engagement centers. It provides a full range of technology capabilities to customize operations of any size, while meeting security and privacy requirements.

The MAXIMUS Engagement Platform enables quick and easy modernization of citizen engagement centers and ensures customers can receive the information they need at the time they want it and in a way they want to access it.

FedRAMP, a government-wide program administered by the General Services Administration (GSA), equips agencies with a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring for cloud solutions. With a FedRAMP Authorized solution, agencies are able to quickly improve legacy systems by implementing cloud-based IT in a cost-effective manner.

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