HYPR joins FIDO Alliance Board of Directors, names Bojan Simic as the board delegate

HYPR, the leading provider of True Password-less Security, announced it has been appointed to the FIDO Alliance Board of Directors and has named Bojan Simic, cofounder and chief technology officer, as the board delegate.

HYPR is the leading FIDO Certified true password-less security solution designed for cross-cloud and cross-platform deployment across the Global 2000, enabling enterprises to eliminate credential reuse, fraud and phishing.

By joining the board, HYPR will work alongside industry leaders such as Microsoft, Google, Aetna and Samsung to directly influence and help drive the FIDO Alliance’s mission to reduce the world’s over-reliance on passwords.

Through the development of open standards, the FIDO Alliance empowers organizations worldwide to establish a more robust, secure approach to consumer and employee authentication.

“HYPR believes that FIDO standards provide enterprises with a powerful framework for securing their customers and employees without the use of passwords and shared secrets. True password-less authentication can provide tremendous benefits to digital transformation initiatives as well as accelerate enterprise cloud transformation projects by making end-users immune to phishing and account takeover,” said Bojan Simic.

“Over the years, we have worked closely with our partners to provide a technological bridge to support these initiatives and look forward to working with the FIDO board in a greater capacity to share and learn so that we can accelerate adoption and improve security internet-wide.”

HYPR ends the shared secret model of user authentication for good by moving credentials and authentication keys to users’ personal mobile devices and securing genuine secrets against malicious hackers.

The HYPR Authentication Platform focuses on eliminating the hackers’ favorite target — passwords and shared secrets — forcing attackers to focus on each device individually and diffusing the threat of mass credential breaches.

“As one of the earliest innovators of FIDO solutions, HYPR brings significant in-market expertise and perspective to FIDO’s board of directors, which will help inform our collective efforts to move the world beyond passwords,” said Andrew Shikiar, chief marketing officer of the FIDO Alliance.

“HYPR has long been a champion of the Alliance, FIDO standards, and our mission. We look forward to Bojan’s contributions as FIDO continues to standardize modern authentication techniques to better secure the connected economy.”

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