ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator enhancements to enable end-to-end value stream control

ASG Technologies, a trusted provider of proven solutions for information access, management and control for the world’s top enterprises, unveiled ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator, which delivers cross-technology stack orchestration of critical enterprise value streams.

Spanning capabilities from mainframe to cloud, ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator offers workload automation, value stream visibility and DevOps tool-chain coordination required to optimize value streams. It delivers control from a single view and choreographs work across a broad spectrum of technology stacks and software packages.

Key features of ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator include:

  • Integration of the capabilities of critical packaged offerings into enterprise value streams, including SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Docker, Dropbox, Google Drive, Hadoop, Microsoft SQL Server Information Services & OneDrive, Amazon S3, Micro Focus, CyberArk, Informatica and more
  • Management of workloads that execute on the mainframe through its integration with ASG Zeke
  • Facilitation of end-to-end value-creating processes across multiple technology stacks and vendor applications, coordinating their actions both when they have on-board proprietary workload automation and when they don’t
  • Management of distributed scheduling through a centralized console with dashboard capabilities, including predefined and user-customizable views and reports to meet individual needs
  • Providing a one-stop view of the enterprise’s real-time value stream status and progress; actions can be performed on previously-scheduled or completed tasks to correct errors that impact execution
  • Delivery of an easy-to-use and intuitive graphical interface for designing and visualizing value stream orchestration via a browser

Effectively managing end-to-end execution of crucial value streams is integral to an enterprise’s success. However, ensuring end-to-end visibility has become increasingly difficult as value streams span on premises, cloud-based and hybrid platforms, even as enterprise leaders are incented to manage the processes and not the technology.

To deliver the best outcomes possible, IT executives need a means to both visually design and competently manage value streams across all technology stacks, enabling consistent and correct execution throughout.

ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator delivers this by graphically choregraphing and adeptly controlling jobs and tasks directly on a variety of operating systems and packaged products, and delegating work management to technology stack or package-specific automated workload managers.

The result is improved value stream performance, reduced time-to-market for new value-generating capabilities and greater benefits delivered to customers.

“Pace-of-business and competition compels enterprises to move new capabilities into place to generate value for their customers—quickly, accurately, and in an easily auditable way,” said Jeff Cherrington, VP of Product Management at ASG.

“We seek to support our customers in these crucial goals by integrating our trusted and proven operations management capabilities as vital components of their critical DevOps ecology so new processes can be orchestrated from the cloud to the mainframe, and all critical technology between.”

“DevOps reduces the friction across development and operations workflows by automating and streamlining many formerly manual processes such as application deployment across development, testing, staging, and production environments,” said Stephen Elliot, Program Vice President, Management Software and DevOps at IDC.

“The adoption of DevOps practices is becoming critical to driving operational efficiency, consistency and improved customer visibility in a multi-cloud world.”

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