Gigamon Application Intelligence to provide network visibility of the digital enterprise

Gigamon, the leading network visibility provider for the digital enterprise, introduced Gigamon Application Intelligence, which provides comprehensive visibility into the highly complex applications at the heart of digital transformations.

As organizations rapidly evolve through their digital transformation journey, agile and highly distributed applications challenge IT teams to achieve and maintain the required security, performance and customer experience.

The Gigamon Application Intelligence offering is the only solution that eliminates data silos by sharing application knowledge across the environment, enabling immediate action. With this unrivaled visibility, performance is optimized, potential issues are thwarted, and a consistent customer experience is delivered to ensure that the enterprise can run fast and stay secure.

The cornerstone of every organization’s digital transformation initiative are the mission critical applications which span dozens of infrastructure tiers and reside across on-premises, cloud and hybrid cloud networks.

Organizations are investing heavily in initiatives to optimize performance and security so that the new breed of digital applications can function as designed – whether they are customer-facing, enabling a mobile workforce or running critical back-end operations.

“Evolving customer expectations are driving many of our digital initiatives. Having complete visibility into the performance and security of our digital applications is key to delivering on the expectations of user experience and trust our customers demand,” said Alex Attumalil, Director of Global Information and Cyber Security at Under Armour.

And yet, “Existing device-centric network monitoring does not scale or provide the needed visibility for cloud and digital business-era applications. To correlate network availability and performance and tie to application health, technical professionals must leverage analytics and prioritize network data,” said Simon Richard and Gregg Siegfried, Senior Director Analysts of Gartner in Rethink Network Monitoring for the Cloud Era, December 6, 2018.

The Gigamon Application Intelligence solution includes:

  • Application Extraction: Share application data with appropriate tools to improve efficiency and security across the network.
  • Application Metadata: Generate over 5,000 application metadata elements to be shared with analytics tools to help teams quickly identify root causes of application performance degradation and potential security breaches.
  • Application Visualization: Identify and classify thousands of business, consumer and custom-developed applications automatically.

Gigamon Metadata Empowered Partner Program

This Application Intelligence release also marks the launch of the Gigamon Metadata Empowered Partner Program. Availability of over 5,000 metadata elements provides a new level of differentiation to network-based analytics tools for security, network monitoring and application monitoring.

Gigamon metadata is distributed using Common Event Format (CEF) or IPFIX format and Gigamon provides technical guidance to each of our integration partners. As part of the Metadata Empowered Program, each partner gains access to various marketing and sales activities, such as Gigamon tradeshow demo stations, presence in Gigamon demo labs and access to the Gigamon sales force which covers over 3,300 large businesses and government organizations.

“A positive customer experience is the true scorecard of a successful digital transformation journey in today’s competitive markets. At the heart of this success is agility, so as a broad set of digital applications are adopted to drive their business, the enterprise is under immense pressure to simultaneously identify performance bottlenecks and secure a broader potential attack surface. Failure on either front is catastrophic,” said Paul Hooper, CEO of Gigamon.

“Now through Gigamon Application Intelligence, we are bringing unmatched visibility; no longer are we relying on siloed network traffic visibility in an era where organizations must holistically see and secure their digital domains in order to thrive and survive.”

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