Customers using the Cadence Cloud Passport model now can accelerate cloud adoption

Cadence Design Systems launched the Cadence Cloud Passport Partner Program to give customers a proven and easier path to the cloud when their internal IT teams desire assistance.

Cadence has engaged with program members to ensure they are knowledgeable and proficient at deploying Cadence tools in cloud-based electronic design environments.

Customers managing their own cloud environments using the Cadence Cloud Passport model now have the option to get support from Cadence-authorized cloud enablement providers to accelerate cloud adoption for chip design projects.

Inaugural members include commercial partners Rescale, Scala Computing Inc. and Nimbis Services, Inc., as well as academic partners CMC Microsystems and EUROPRACTICE.

Customers using the Cadence Cloud Passport model often have significant investments in on-premises IT and CAD infrastructure and also need to deploy and customize their own cloud-based design environments. Moving to the cloud often requires new knowledge and capabilities that not every company possesses, which leads to delays and unplanned spending.

Recognizing this gap, Cadence has recruited and qualified cloud enablement companies with experience and capabilities to make the move to a customized cloud environment much easier. Commercial customers benefit from a broad range of solutions and support options, while academic users gain a new method for deploying and maintaining their design environments.

The Cloud Passport Partner Program offers customers the following benefits:

  • Faster cloud deployments: Partners provide accelerated provisioning of customized cloud environments from months to weeks depending on scope of the engagement.
  • Support for complex design environments: Customers can confidently utilize the cloud for design projects no matter the complexity of their flow or environment with the help of a Cadence-approved partner.
  • Access to specialized solutions for collaboration: Partners provide tailored offerings to address specialized requirements, such as International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), multi-cloud access and academic and research use cases, which improve collaboration and accelerate design innovation.

In addition to commercial organizations realizing the potential of the cloud in electronics, the Cadence Academic Network, which promotes the use of Cadence technology by universities and research institutions around the globe, is collaborating with CMC Microsystems and EUROPRACTICE to further cloud adoption in academia. The Cloud Passport Partner Program gives institutions another way to deploy Cadence tools, effectively expanding tool usage among the next generation of engineers and researchers.

“Our approach is to remove barriers to cloud adoption, enabling companies and organizations of all sizes and types to perform electronic design tasks faster and easier than ever before,” said Craig Johnson, vice president of Cloud Business Development at Cadence. “Cadence continues to lead the electronic design industry’s move to the cloud with the launch of the new Cloud Passport Partner Program, which offers customers new deployment options and added support through our strong partner ecosystem. Customers can design with confidence knowing that our partners have been qualified to set up, manage and support Cadence tools in cloud environments.”

The Cloud Passport Partner Program supports customers using the Cadence Cloud Passport model, which enables easy access to cloud-ready Cadence tools and a cloud-based license server.

The Cloud Passport model is part of the broader Cadence Cloud portfolio, which also includes the CloudBurst Platform for hybrid cloud environments, the Cadence-managed Cloud-Hosted Design Solution and the Palladium Cloud solution for emulation. The portfolio offerings support the broader Cadence Intelligent System Design strategy, which enables systems and semiconductor companies to create complete, differentiated end products more efficiently.

“Rescale is committed to extending the benefits of the cloud to engineering applications so customers can optimize electronic design workloads and deliver innovation to market faster. By becoming an inaugural member of the Cadence Cloud Passport Partner Program, Rescale and Cadence will provision and accelerate new cloud environments for the electronics industry,” said Joris Poort, CEO, Rescale.

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