Wandera Secure Access Layer preserves privacy for the end user while protecting mobile devices

Wandera, the leading mobile security company, announces new privacy functionality that further extends its endpoint solution to the network.

The new Secure Access Layer preserves privacy for the end user while protecting mobile devices against zero-day threats, regardless of whether the device is managed or unmanaged, owned by the company or owned by the user; across all major operating systems.

Organizations are struggling to manage mobile risk, particularly as the devices they seek to protect are usually owned by the employee and not controlled by IT. In parallel, employees are demanding solutions that safeguard their privacy.

Traditional approaches, known as Mobile Threat Defense (“MTD”), have lacked essential capabilities at the network layer, such as meaningful protection against phishing attacks or an ability to identify command and control (“C2”) exchanges with malware in real time. As a result organizations adopting app-only MTD have had a significant gap in their mobile security. This has recently been highlighted by the WhatsApp vulnerability which, when exploited, would gather information on users and exfiltrate it to a C2 server.

Adding the Secure Access Layer to device-based MTD extends the perimeter of protection from the device into the network using a lightweight, user-friendly, privacy-first approach. The Secure Access Layer evaluates network risk in real-time using the full capabilities of Wandera’s threat intelligence engine, MI:RIAM.

When activated, the Secure Access Layer encrypts the requests that enable web browsers and mobile apps to function, enhancing user privacy against any online profiling.

Key capabilities:

  • Protects end-user browsing habits and network utilization from snooping attackers and ad-driven service providers
  • Seamlessly activates a fully encrypted tunnel for data transmissions whenever a network threat is detected, maintaining added security only while the threat is present
  • Identifies and blocks zero-day and network-based attacks
  • Prevents communication with malicious network services.

“Businesses can enable productivity on mobile by ensuring end user adoption of mobile security solutions. In a privacy first world, adoption will only happen if we build best in class security with end user privacy in mind.” – Eldar Tuvey, CEO and Founder of Wandera.

The Secure Access Layer is the latest addition to Wandera’s suite of mobile security solutions which already includes a standalone MTD app (endpoint) and Secure Mobile Gateway (cloud-based). The Secure Access Layer is now available to all Wandera customers and is compatible with iOS and Android, managed and unmanaged devices.

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