PrivX: Gain secure access management to critical multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructures

SSH announced that their access management gateway solution, PrivX, is now available for free in limited host environments to give IT and software teams all over the world the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of lean, scalable and automated access management to hybrid and multi-cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure, OpenStack) servers and applications.

Cloudification has changed the face of software development and deployment and IT management; modern techniques in software delivery require that trusted access management is in lockstep with development cycles, such as those used in the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) models, while servers are located across on-prem, virtual private cloud (VPC) and multi-cloud environments. Extra steps, bottlenecks and manual processes simply don’t fit into that equation; it’s all about elasticity and automation.

SSH’s Chief Customer Officer, Sami Ahvenniemi: “Spurred on by the shift to the cloud, we have identified that many our customers are looking for the following types of solutions:

  • Modern and lean administrative access management tools
  • Zero Trust solutions that manage access to critical assets, inside the perimeter
  • Automated, scalable alternatives to in-house jump hosts and VPNs
  • Centralized 3rd party access controls with monitoring and session recording.

The focus is now on the entire access lifecycle of employees, including new hires, people moving around the organization, and people leaving the company. For example, developers, admins and external contractors are all needed – often temporarily – for various tasks with different levels of privilege, all within the critical IT infrastructure.

Further, companies and teams often want to start small and scale IT management tools as needed, without taking on the burden of massive IT projects or turning their infrastructure into a hard-to-maintain and complex system. With PrivX, they get an access management solution that deploys in a matter of days, practically updates itself, provides monitoring of access traffic and delivers a simple user experience.”

PrivX offers just-in-time role-based access controls to multi-cloud and on-premises resources in development and production environments. Access authorization is never permanent but is based on short-lived certificates that expire within a few minutes of establishing the RDP/SSH connection. PrviX is an agentless and credentialess solution that integrates with existing identity access management (IAM) and directory service (AD/LDAP) tools as well as cloud-hosted servers and applications, including auto-discovery of cloud hosts.

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