ManageEngine adds automation capabilities to its Office 365 administration solution

ManageEngine, the IT management division of Zoho Corporation, announced that it has added automation capabilities to its Office 365 administration solution, O365 Manager Plus. Available immediately in the latest version of O365 Manager Plus, the new capabilities help IT admins create workflows to automate user and mailbox management tasks.

The Office 365 Admin Center currently does not offer built-in automation features. Consequently, IT admins manually grapple with everyday user and mailbox management tasks in Office 365.

From resetting passwords of locked users to removing licenses of temporary employees, admins must do everything by hand, which is time consuming and error prone. To address these needs, ManageEngine added automation capabilities to its O365 Manager Plus solution.

“With more than 135 million active users, Office 365’s user base is growing every year along with the need to reduce the time spent on recurrent management tasks,” says Parthiban Paramasivam, product manager at ManageEngine.

“Sensing this need based on an increasing number of customer requests, we decided to equip O365 Manager Plus with the capability to automate user and mailbox management so that IT admins can spend their time on tasks that need immediate attention.”

O365 Manager Plus automation in action

  • Create custom automation policies: Event-driven automation policies can be created in the form of condition-based flow charts with the graphical interface.
  • Automate user provisioning: Just provide the user list and the tool will create user accounts, assign licenses, enable mailboxes, configure multi-factor authentication (MFA), add users to appropriate groups and more, as configured by the IT admins.
  • Automate mailbox management: Automate mailbox management tasks like configuring auto-replies, imposing mailbox size restrictions, enabling mailbox auditing, etc.
  • Reports as a data source: Use the appropriate O365 Manager Plus report as a data source for automated tasks instead of entering the data manually. For example, to reset user account passwords using O365 Manager Plus, the Password Expired Users report can be used as the data source.
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