Edgeworx new Eclipse ioFog software release makes any Kubernetes distribution edge-aware

Edgeworx announced a new Eclipse ioFog software release that makes any Kubernetes distribution edge-aware, allowing customers to create a true cloud-to-edge continuum and deploy applications and microservices from the cloud to any edge device.

With a one-line install, ioFog Engine can be installed onto any piece of edge hardware that runs Linux, allowing developers to simply and securely deploy, manage, and orchestrate applications and microservices.

“Eclipse ioFog is a proven platform at the edge. With this release, we build on native Kubernetes, seamlessly extending it to the edge. This means Kubernetes can now orchestrate applications and microservices from your cloud to, for example, your fleet of Jetsons or Nanos. We do this based on things that actually matter at the edge, such as latency, location or resources,” said Farah Papaioannou, co-founder and president of Edgeworx.

“We are delivering today a full cloud-to-edge solution that’s 100-percent open source and works with any Kubernetes flavors and distros.”

“Securing and managing large numbers of connected devices at the edge is a growing problem among our customers,” said Mohammed Rijas, CEO of Attinad Software.

“We are seeing an explosion of smart vision and NLP AI/ML applications running on GPUs at the edge. ioFog has made it feasible for us to seamlessly orchestrate and deploy our smart targeting machine learning models from the cloud into challenging and diverse environments such as oil and gas refineries and airports.”

Released under the Eclipse Foundation, the Eclipse ioFog software platform has been in development for five years. Customers in different vertical industries such as retail, automotive, oil and gas, telco, and healthcare are using ioFog to turn any compute device into an edge software platform.

Additionally, ioFog enables those devices to form an Edge Compute Network (ECN), where the nodes are interconnected and are able to pass encrypted data directly peer-to-peer, a necessity when high-speed connectivity is not necessarily guaranteed at the edge.

“Open source has proven to be the most effective way to deliver complex platform software and drive rapid adoption at industrial scale,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation.

“Eclipse ioFog is an important example of cloud native open innovation within the Eclipse community. With the latest Edgeworx release based on ioFog, developers are able to extend Kubernetes to easily deploy, secure, and manage edge compute networks supporting applications such as advanced AI and machine learning algorithms.”

“Our customers have applications that exist in the cloud today and they want to deploy them to the edge to exploit the power of new emerging hardware platforms, whether it’s GPUs, TPUs, VPUs and the like,” said Kilton Hopkins, co-founder and CEO of Edgeworx.

“We make that process extremely simple for developers, allowing them to use the same tools and languages they use in the cloud, but this time at the edge.”

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