IKOULA launches new automated and scalable cloud backup solution

In the digital age and in the face of the resurgence of cyberattacks, the safeguarding of data becomes an absolute necessity. The scale of attacks spares no business and government, as evidenced the ransomware attack experienced by the city of Baltimore (USA).

To help organizations better protecting themselves against the loss or theft of data, IKOULA – Cloud hosting specialist – has developed IKOULA CLOUD BACKUP, by Acronis, a new simple, customizable, flexible and secure, cloud backup solution, in “BaaS” (Backup as a Service) mode.

IKOULA CLOUD BACKUP, by Acronis is an easy-to-use, reliable, automated and scalable cloud backup solution. Easy to deploy, without hardware investment, it can protect all data, applications or files, workstations, mobile devices, and physical or virtual servers.

On the security side, all transferred data are encrypted using an AES-256 encryption algorithm and their access is protected by a unique encryption key without which data recovery is impossible.

The solution also includes ransomware protection software. Cloud backup offers a higher level of redundancy and security; Users are thus assured of the total availability of strategic data in the event of a disaster on site or remotely.

Among other assets, usuers have the ability to remotely administer, via a web console, all the physical and virtual terminals of their environment. They can define backups to do, from simple document to full server, automate frequencies and restore all or part from the cloud, at any time and from anywhere.

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