Corsa unveils new network security virtualization platform to scale traffic inspection to 100%

Corsa Security, formerly Corsa Technology, launched Corsa Red Armor, a turnkey network security virtualization platform which scales traffic inspection to 100%, without degrading performance on high-capacity networks.

By leveraging Corsa’s unique networking expertise and proven virtualization technologies, the solution delivers software-defined network security through horizontal scaling of virtual security services, such as firewall and SSL visibility capabilities.

This means large enterprises and service providers can elastically add network security capacity to meet increasing bandwidth demand, without having to upgrade specialized, single-purpose hardware.

The platform is simple to deploy and vendor agnostic, so customers continue to use their preferred security vendors, while behind the scenes the virtual appliances are running on state-of-the-art hyperconverged infrastructure, specifically optimized for scaling network security.

“The firewall is running hot, encrypted traffic is growing exponentially, and there is no relief in sight to inspecting all the traffic you need to,” says Eduardo Cervantes, CEO, Corsa Security.

“Reducing your firewall rules and potentially letting in attacks masked by encrypted traffic is not an option, but neither is spending more money on specialized, single-purpose hardware. We recognize that, for high capacity networks, you need to scale horizontally into virtual security services – just like you do for web apps – if you hope to inspect all your traffic.

“The turnkey network security virtualization platform we launched today is the only feasible approach to solve the SSL inspection gap and get you to 100% traffic visibility. We are truly transforming network security.”

The private cloud approach allows customers to add or remove inspection capacity as needed, and continue to use their existing or preferred network security vendors, through our expanding partner ecosystem. To further simplify deployment, the platform is turnkey and only takes three steps to get started:

  • Order with one click: Inspection capacity requirements are completely abstracted away from the infrastructure so customers can order the security inspection capacity and services needed with a simple click, just like for other cloud services.
  • Deploy in minutes: The platform is set-up in minutes and operates seamlessly within the customer’s existing security stacks. Because it acts as a bump-in-the-wire, there is no need to rearchitect the network, meaning zero down-time for upgrades.
  • Pay as you grow: With virtualized security functions, you can elastically add or remove inspection capacity as needed to right-size your investment and eliminate costly hardware refresh cycles, which provides 5x improved economics.

“The beauty of Corsa’s solution is in the software-defined network security approach,” explains Tim Mather, former Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Symantec and a member of the Corsa Steering Committee.

“When you virtualize the security stack, you can horizontally scale your traffic inspection into security services from different vendors that are controlled independently of one another. This allows organizations to reduce risk by examining all traffic needed for threats, while delivering the flexibility and economics customers need.”

The Corsa Red Armor platform is available in this quarter and is billed on a monthy basis based on inspection capacity. Customers also have the option to try before they buy.

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