Freckle’s first-party data now available in the Neustar Identity Data Management Platform

Neustar, a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services and the leader in customer intelligence, trusted customer identity and marketing analytics solutions for Fortune 500 brands, and Freckle, a leader in privacy-compliant data and offline media measurement, announced they will make Freckle’s first-party data available in the Neustar Identity Data Management Platform (Identity DMP) for advanced audience planning and activation.

As part of the Freckle collaboration, Neustar will offer its customers the ability to leverage privacy-compliant first-party data that consumers have opted-in to provide through Freckle’s Killi App.

Freckle’s Killi application allows consumers to take back control of their identity data by selecting the personal information they would like to share with brands in exchange for money. Killi provides marketers with real-time, reliable data that is direct from the consumer and fully compliant with global privacy standards.

“Marketers need reliable and compliant, first-party data that respects consumer privacy,” said Neustar General Manager and Vice President for Marketing Solutions Michael Schoen. “With Freckle’s Killi data, we will provide relevant, consumer-approved data that helps our customers target and personalize messages to the right consumers based on their specific input.”

“With consumer privacy issues at the forefront of marketing, brands are seeking partners that not only offer a competitive advantage through unique access to real-time consumer insights but are privacy compliant leaders,” said Neil Sweeney, founder and CEO, Freckle and Killi.

“We’re pleased to partner with Neustar, a leader in privacy by design practices, to bring our compliant, first-party consumer data to their customers. As the only solution paying consumers cash for their data, we are confident that the two-way engagement that we have created will better enhance audience insights for marketers,” said Sweeney.

Relevant and personalized experiences are in high demand. With the Neustar Identity DMP, marketers can create compelling connections across channels combining their own first party data with Neustar’s data directory marketplace.

With access to Freckle’s Killi data within the Neustar Identity DMP data directory, brands can reach consumers, based on specific data they’ve provided about themselves, while uncovering powerful behavioral insights in a privacy-compliant manner.

Since Freckle is constantly aggregating first-party data, marketers are receiving continually updated and refreshed segments, allowing them to expand their reach and accuracy across all channels.

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