Trend Micro extends its network protection to the cloud

Trend Micro, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, announced the extension of its industry leading network protection to the cloud, now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

This was delivered in response to the operational challenges enterprises often experience with available network security solutions. It will first be available for AWS Transit Gateway, with multiple deployment models planned to follow.

“Cloud security is the highest priority for AWS, and we are committed to helping customers achieve the highest levels of security in the cloud,” said Dave Brown, Vice President, EC2 Compute & Networking Services at Amazon Web Services.

“As companies move and scale their infrastructure in the cloud, they are looking for ways to easily insert and manage security appliances in their network topologies. With AWS Transit Gateway, Trend Micro’s security solution is now available to 230,000 buyers through AWS Marketplace and will help our shared customers address their network security needs in the cloud.”

Trend Micro’s security solution was built to accommodate the growing amount of network teams being tasked with extending their security to the cloud.

It does so by utilizing the AWS Transit Gateway, which simplifies the routing between Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (Amazon VPCs) and on-premises networks by acting as a hub that controls traffic routing among all connected spokes.

For customers with particularly demanding network traffic, the option to deploy on FPGA accelerated instances will be available with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) F1.

“We consistently hear from customers that they face significant operational hurdles with today’s firewall-based approaches to cloud network security,” said Steve Quane, Executive Vice President of Network Defense and Hybrid Cloud Security at Trend Micro.

“They introduce operational complexity, are disruptive to deploy and are inefficient, due in large part to complex networking requirements that are cumbersome in the cloud. Trend Micro’s approach removes these operational challenges.

“With transparent deployment into the network fabric, it delivers scalable security and continuous visibility, while eliminating the need to rearchitect and avoiding application disruption.”

“We’re very excited about what Cloud Network Protection would allow for our network security in the cloud,” said Alex Tarte, IT Security & Risk Manager and Chief Information Security Officer of Copa Airlines.

“This solution will allow us to have frictionless security operations for our business applications while meeting the scale and performance demands of our business.”

Trend Micro Cloud Network Protection, available today, will be listed on AWS Marketplace. It leverages the power of Trend Micro Research, including the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) bug bounty program, to spot advanced targeted attacks, vulnerabilities and exploits, and easily integrates with other security tools.

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