Cyber Power Smart App Online UPS systems offer more power and functionality in less space

Cyber Power Systems, a leader in power protection and management products, released two new models of professional-grade Smart App Online UPS systems. The Smart App Online High-Density UPS systems provide high capacity output with a power factor rating of 1 within a space-saving design.

The systems use double-conversion topology, providing sine wave output to deliver clean AC power for mission-critical applications and high-end system components that require seamless power correction.

The products are the latest generation of CyberPower Smart App Online UPS systems, ideal for advanced server rooms and data centers at the enterprise level as well as education and government organizations.

“The new Smart App Online High-Density UPS models pack a lot of power in just 2U of rack space, compared to similar, competitor UPS models which typically use 3U or 4U of space,” said Todd Tagatz, senior product manager at CyberPower. “This means more power in less space; allowing IT professionals room for future infrastructure or data center growth.”

The CyberPower Smart App Online High-Density UPS systems feature a state-of-the-art, full-color matrix LCD control panel which is simple to set up and easy to use. Features of the LCD control panel include:

  • New design that provides display zones for instant confirmation of UPS working status, load percentage, battery capacity, and status parameters.
  • Color-coded icons provide a clear status of the UPS to indicate operational status, including normal function, fault, or warning status.
  • When installed in tower configuration, screen orientation auto-rotates 90 degrees to display content in vertical mode.
  • Screen physically tilts up to 18 degrees for easier viewing in rack configuration.

Enhanced energy-saving and power technology features include:

  • Power factor of 1, providing high capacity output.
  • ENERGY STAR 2.0 certification for efficient use of electrical power.
  • Battery Equalization Technology maintains the voltages of the batteries at the same level to increase battery life.
  • Optional BP144VL2U01 Extended Battery Module (EBM): up to ten EBMs can be connected in a daisy-chain to the UPS to extend backup power.
  • Fast-charge technology allows EBMs to return to full capacity quickly by using a built-in charger in each module.
  • Included power cord provides flexibility to connect to utility power using a NEMA L6-30P instead of a hardwired configuration.
  • RMCARD205 SNMP network management card pre-installed for advanced power management and remote monitoring.

The Smart App Online High-Density UPS units provide outputs ranging from 5,000 VA/5,000 Watts, OL5KRTHD, to 6,000 VA/6,000 Watts, OL6KRTHD. Like all CyberPower professional-grade power protection products, the UPS systems are compatible with CyberPower’s PowerPanel Business power management software.

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