SAP Ariba adds Japanese company data through partnership with Tokyo Shoko Research

SAP Ariba announced a new partnership with Tokyo Shoko Research (TSR) to integrate data on more than 8.4 million Japanese companies covering over 200 evaluation criteria into the SAP Ariba Supplier Risk solution.

Companies today must be prepared for all types of risks in order to stay in business, and supplier risk management is one essential factor to consider. However, it can be difficult to quickly understand information from multiple suppliers and make timely decisions.

SAP Ariba Supplier Risk enables companies to continuously monitor supplier risk and initiate the appropriate due diligence with their suppliers, in order to avoid unnecessary risk and prevent supply chain disruptions.

The solution can access risk intelligence data from over 500,000 sources, including news sites, government data, disaster information systems and other public and private sources, and can automatically monitor over 280 risk incidents. Moreover, supplier profiles, operations, risk profiles and more can be combined into a single yet comprehensive 360-degree view.

Through this collaboration, data evaluated by TSR that covers over 200 criteria across more than 8.4 million Japanese companies will be integrated into SAP Ariba Supplier Risk to dramatically increase the accuracy of supplier risk management for Japanese users.

The information provided by TSR not only includes content from company visits and direct interviews conducted by TSR investigators throughout Japan, but also includes comparisons with industry averages and more.

Users can easily understand business evaluation data provided by TSR as well as information from various sources in a single view with SAP Ariba Supplier Risk, allowing them to make situationally appropriate business decisions in a timely manner while also improving collaboration with trading partners.

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