CyberProof integrates the ZeroNorth solution as part of its managed security services platform

ZeroNorth, the security industry’s only provider of orchestrated risk management, and CyberProof, a UST Global company, announced a partnership to provide customers with comprehensive solutions and services for managing risk across applications and infrastructure.

The companies also announced their first joint customer – a large telecommunications provider that selected the joint solution to help address compliance requirements across more than two dozen applications within the scope of PCI DSS and NYDFS compliance requirements.

CyberProof has integrated the ZeroNorth solution as part of its managed security services platform. Combining CyberProof’s security orchestration automated response (SOAR) platform and services with the ZeroNorth orchestrated risk management platform enables the companies to provide an end-to-end solution for assessing, planning and implementing vulnerability management across the organization.

“Digital transformation is redefining organizations in all industries into software-centric businesses. As this happens, reconciling the need for continuous development and delivery of software with security has become a major challenge.

“Through this partnership, CyberProof and ZeroNorth can now deliver customers complete visibility into risks and the ability to quickly detect, respond and remediate threats that pose a risk to their business,” said Tony Velleca, CEO of CyberProof.

“By partnering with ZeroNorth, we can provide customers a single pane of glass for understanding and addressing risk end-to-end. No other product we’ve seen has the same capability of supporting risk and vulnerability management across both applications and infrastructure.”

The ZeroNorth platform accelerates and scales proactive software and infrastructure risk management with patented technology that continuously orchestrates the discovery and remediation of vulnerabilities.

Through integrations with best-of-breed open source software (OSS) and commercial tools, the ZeroNorth platform detects and adapts to changing code, applications and infrastructure, and identifies and prioritizes top vulnerabilities to speed remediation.

Solving security and compliance tasks for a major telco

ZeroNorth and CyberProof’s first joint customer is a large telecommunications provider that faced the daunting challenge of strengthening its cybersecurity program in the context of addressing the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) and New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) Cybersecurity Regulation.

With many development teams and more than two dozen applications that fell within the scope of its compliance requirements, lack of visibility into its development processes made it difficult – if not impossible – for the company to demonstrate compliance to internal and external auditors.

Together, ZeroNorth and CyberProof are now partnering with the telco to provide critical visibility across the organization and streamline the process of addressing risk and vulnerabilities across the SDLC. For a more detailed case study on this customer, visit

“From code commit to build to deploy – across data centers, virtual environments and the cloud – customers need the ability to understand and address risk across applications and infrastructure.

“As an organization that works every day to help customers navigate the risks of digital transformation, Cyberproof understands this just as well as anyone,” said Ernesto DiGiambattista, ZeroNorth’s CEO and founder.

“Together, we’re able to strengthen Cyberproof’s solutions and services to help joint clients take significant steps towards improving their security posture so they can focus on the competitive advantages of their digital transformation while knowing that the risks are managed.”

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