Flexera unveils Vendor Patch Module for its Software Vulnerability Manager

Flexera, the software company that helps organizations realize technology’s power to accelerate their business, releases an add-on module for its popular Software Vulnerability Manager – Vendor Patch Module.

The number of constant exploits, attacks and other software vulnerabilities has become unmanageable, and attempts to keep up can be overwhelming. Flexera Software Vulnerability Manager (SVM) was designed to identify these vulnerabilities and help prioritize remediation efforts.

With the new Vendor Patch Module, organizations are able to take advantage of these insights and mitigate them more quickly, by using the most comprehensive patch coverage on the market — with more than 1,000 out-of-the-box patches. Additionally, the Vendor Patch Module delivers details to help companies more easily create more than 1,000 additional patches.

A mature vulnerability management process means companies know what vulnerable software exists in their environment, and how serious a threat it may represent to their organization. Such insights are critical to effective prioritization.

SVM provides this, and with the new Vendor Patch Module, companies can act quickly by leveraging Flexera’s exhaustive repository of third-party patch data.

“We’re excited to introduce such a comprehensive, integrated set of patch data as part of our Software Vulnerability Manager solution,” said Bob Kelly, Director of Product Management at Flexera.

“SVM provides incredible insights by identifying vulnerable software, associating that with easy-to-consume advisories by Secunia Research and helping to effectively prioritize remediation efforts by leveraging Vulnerability and Threat Intelligence.

“Incorporating the largest set of patch data on the market with such a solution makes for an incredibly powerful solution for the challenge of software vulnerability management.”

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