Stellar Cyber unveils Starlight 3.3, a data- and AI-based security analytics solution

Security analytics provider Stellar Cyber announced the launch of Starlight 3.3, the first Unified Security Analytics Platform with two industry-first capabilities: AI-based dynamic phishing detection and automated event correlation.

Starlight 3.3, debuting at the Black Hat USA 2019 conference in Las Vegas this week, leverages data fusion, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to detect and thwart sophisticated attacks that other systems miss.

Serving as a SOC Command Center, this powerful solution could have detected and enabled Capital One to respond to its security breach before 100 million consumers were compromised.

“The Capital One data breach – akin to the 2017 Equifax breach – is another painful reminder of the security challenges facing our world today,” said John Peterson, Chief Product Officer of Stellar Cyber.

“The proliferation of cyberattacks underscores the urgency and need for our industry to one-up the ‘black hats’ with stronger breach detection approaches. Companies and consumers deserve better.

“Outdated tactics of manual threat hunting must be replaced by speedier and smarter solutions that combine pervasive data collection, breach detection, investigation, and response (CDIR).”

Stellar Cyber’s flagship product Starlight is a SOC Command Center and an all-in-one security analytics platform. Starlight 3.3’s two industry firsts are:

  • Dynamic phishing detection: Starlight 3.3 applies AI and ML to detect phishing based on network traffic behavior and threat intelligence feeds. Often, phishing is the first occurrence that sets off a chain of security events. Current products conduct anti-phishing statically and lack behavioral-based ML phishing detection capability.
  • Automated event correlation: Starlight 3.3 also detects anomalous behaviors and automatically makes the connection to determine which security event leads to the next event. Behavioral detection as well as the ability to unify collected data means better detection of anomalous behavior and advanced analysis to deliver high-fidelity, actionable alerts that reduce detection time and effort.

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