Signal Sciences launches new application security solution for Envoy

Signal Sciences, the fastest growing web application security company in the world, announced at Black Hat USA 2019 the general availability of the industry’s first application security solution for Envoy via its award-winning next-gen web application firewall (WAF) and runtime application self-protection (RASP) solution.

As organizations move to cloud-native applications and services, Signal Sciences makes it effortless to achieve advanced Layer 7 security and comprehensive visibility at scale for one of the most cutting edge cloud application networking technologies today.

This expands Signal Sciences container and microservices protection offering, and gives customers utilizing Envoy even greater flexibility to implement web application and API security for any app or service on any infrastructure.

More than 60 percent of companies develop cloud-native applications on elastic infrastructures for greater agility, scale and resiliency, according to the State of Cloud Native Security report.

Signal Sciences application security solution for Envoy helps fast-moving teams benefit fully from this approach without introducing new security risks.

Commonly used as a proxy within a service mesh deployed in Kubernetes, Envoy helps ease the transition to, and operation of, cloud-native architectures by managing interactions among microservices to ensure application performance. It is one of Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s fastest growing and adopted projects today.

“Cloud-native applications require a cloud-native application and API security solution. Bolting on traditional, legacy WAFs to a cloud-native application causes chokepoints and does not provide the security visibility engineering and security teams need,” said Hala Al-Adwan, vice president of technology at Signal Sciences.

“With the Signal Sciences application security solution for Envoy, we continue to deliver the most comprehensive, scalable application threat protection and security visibility on any modern cloud or traditional infrastructure.”

Future-ready web application security for any environment

A first-of-its-kind solution, Signal Sciences next-gen WAF support for Envoy provides application-layer security for all applications, APIs, and microservices proxied with Envoy.

Deployable without code changes, Signal Sciences enables protection for north-south and east-west traffic between microservices against application-layer attacks.

While legacy WAFs require rule sets for each service, application, or API behind the WAF, the Signal Sciences SmartParse technology dynamically detects malicious payloads without any rule definition or matching. As a result, organizations instantly gain scalable protection and increased visibility for their cloud-native applications.

Signal Sciences award-winning next-gen WAF and RASP solution

Signal Sciences next-gen WAF and RASP technology is the only application security solution that works across any architecture. Fast and easy to implement, the solution protects more than 25,000 cloud-native, legacy, and serverless applications and over a trillion production requests per month.

Organizations across all industries deploy Signal Sciences to protect their most important web applications, APIs, and microservices against the full spectrum of threats—from OWASP Top 10 to account takeovers, API misuse, and bad bots.

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