eBook – Threat intelligence platforms: Everything you’ve ever wanted to know

Today’s threat environment is complex and dynamic. The internet was built for connectivity, not security, and approaches such as intrusion detection systems, anti-virus programs, and traditional incident response methodologies by themselves are no longer sufficient in the face of the widening gap between offensive and defensive capabilities.

ebook threat intelligence platforms

Organizations today face APTs and organized, criminally motivated attacks launched by adversaries with the tools, training, and resources to breach most conventional network defense systems. These incursions are not conducted as isolated attempts; they are often multi-year campaigns targeting valuable sensitive data.

Enterprise organizations need to move faster, collaborate more intently and make better use of existing tools to aggregate, analyze, and act on threat intelligence. ThreatConnect compiled the latest need-to-know data and use cases on threat intelligence to help your organization better understand the purpose and function of a threat intelligence platform.

This eBook is no longer available.

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