New infosec products of the week: September 6, 2019

Trustwave launches Trustwave Fusion, a new cloud-based cybersecurity platform

The Trustwave Fusion platform connects the digital footprints of enterprises and government agencies to a robust security cloud comprised of the Trustwave data lake, advanced analytics, actionable threat intelligence, a wide range of security services and products and Trustwave SpiderLabs, the company’s elite team of security specialists.

infosec products September 2019

ThousandEyes’ Internet-aware synthetic monitoring solution detects modern app performance issues

Addressing a significant application performance monitoring gap introduced by API-heavy and Internet-dependent application architectures, ThousandEyes Synthetics visually correlates application performance to underlying infrastructure and Internet delivery performance in a single, shareable dashboard for instant root cause identification and collaborative issue remediation.

infosec products September 2019

Exabeam SaaS Cloud’s expanded availability helps orgs modernize their security operations

Exabeam SaaS Cloud helps identify anomalous behavior in organizations’ cloud applications to stop adversaries in their tracks. As a hosted cloud offering, it provides the full functionality of the SMP, including a data lake, behavioral analytics, case management, security orchestration and incident response automation.

infosec products September 2019

Crossword Cybersecurity unveils new version of Rizikon Assurance to tackle third-party risk

Rizikon Assurance 2.0 allows organizations to visualize all risks for each third-party through fully customizable 360-degree supplier scorecards. The new Third-party Assurance Framework Dashboard gives Supplier Management teams, Chief Risk Officers and senior executives a complete understanding of third-party risks across their supply chain, helping identify problem areas and prioritize remedial action.

infosec products September 2019

Zeguro’s new cyber safety solution simplifies risk management

Zeguro announced its integrated solution for cyber safety (including employee training, web app monitoring, and customizable security policies) combined with cyber insurance policies tailored to an organization’s unique risk profile. The platform is now open to any organization through a no-obligation, free trial that helps businesses stay in compliance with security regulations and meet contractual requirements for cybersecurity.

infosec products September 2019

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