Asema integrates Cohesity technology into its own production environment

Cohesity announced that it has deployed its next-generation data protection solution with Asema, a leading managed service provider in France, for Asema’s own workloads, and for those of its customers too.

With 20 years of experience in data protection, Asema protects more than 1,500 TB of customer data. To adapt to rapid market changes, starting in 2017, the company transformed from serving as a traditional integrator to a managed services provider (MSP).

Asema developed ‘Alter’, a managed services offering designed to help customers size and scale their storage infrastructures, while backing up environments and data.

Originally, Asema based its storage and backup offers mainly on NetApp equipment and software, hosted in its own data centers, third-party data centers (Equinix), or in the cloud (AWS S3). To offer an alternative approach to its customers and prospects, Asema investigated other options, including the disruptive Cohesity DataPlatform.

“The simplicity of implementation was key in our choice. As an MSP, we also needed a multi-tenant solution that makes the storage spaces of our customers as secure as possible,” said Olivier Morel, CEO and co-founder of Asema.

“The performance of Cohesity DataPlatform from a deduplication and compression perspective is ideal for managed service offerings. In addition, it proved to be more cost-effective, with greater volume potential than competing offerings.”

As the core technology of Asema’s managed data recovery service, Cohesity DataPlatform will allow Asema to back up its customers’ environments including network-attached storage (NAS), testing and development, archiving, and analytics.

Enterprise infrastructure environments are often incredibly siloed, so the ability to consolidate these workloads and make backup data more productive is a great asset to offer through an “as a service” model.

“Cohesity DataPlatform is versatile: it simultaneously supports multiple storage protocols, including CIFS, NFS and S3. It also supports NAS and even allows to backup AIX environments,” said Morel.

“On the user side, the solution’s easy-to-use web administration console, combined with powerful indexing features and an intuitive search engine, is a strong driver for a rapid adoption and tangible business benefits.”

Since the integration of Cohesity technology, Asema successfully conducted a number of proof of concept and production projects, which cover a wide range of business cases in various industries. With Cohesity, Asema’s customers are now in a position to restore their data in minutes instead of days and to scale their storage as the volume of their data grows.

With the need for rapid time-to-market, increased performance, and the reinforcement of regulatory compliance duties, Asema expects an increasing demand for its Cohesity-based backup and recovery managed solution.

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