SyncDog partners with Symantec to address full spectrum of mobile security concerns

SyncDog, the leading Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for next generation mobile security and data loss prevention, announced their partnership with the world’s leading cyber security company, Symantec.

This partnership will integrate Symantec’s Endpoint Protection (SEP) product into SyncDog’s Secure.Systems platform to enable end-users to remain protected on both managed and unmanaged devices, ensuring they are secure before allowing them to access or download sensitive corporate data.

The BYOD market is on course to hit almost $367 billion by 2022 and despite the fact that it is so widely implemented across industries, unmanaged devices still pose major threats to organizations if not distributed securely.

To address this substantial threat, SyncDog offers an end-to-end solution for mobile enablement and security, keeping mobile workforces secure without inhibiting productivity outside of the office.

The integration of Symantec’s endpoint solution with SyncDog’s secure application workspace will help ensure that devices are not compromised, in addition to isolating and encrypting all data on the devices. The joint solution will address the full spectrum of mobility concerns of security teams, IT administrators, and mobile end-users.

“The continued expansion of mobile device usage for work, and the vast proliferation of MDM and EMM solutions used today in an attempt to secure corporate data, is proof that companies are in need of a solution to enable their mobile workforces to get the job done while meeting regulatory and self-imposed requirements to keep proprietary data secure,” said Brian Egenrieder, CRO of SyncDog.

“With the combined expertise of Symantec and SyncDog, security teams will now have assurance that their data is protected at all times, both at rest and in transit, while allowing end-users to have more flexibility and functionality that has ever been available to them before.”

SyncDog’s partnership with Symantec will offer users an integrated solution for anti-virus protection (AV), Mobile Threat Detection (MTD), and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) while negating the need for costly and misapplied solutions such as Mobile Device Management (MDM), Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), and Mobile Application Management (MAM).

The combined solution will offer increased features and functionality all at the end user’s fingertips on their mobile devices. The streamlined deployment capabilities and ease of use will lead to decreased mobility costs as well as increased productivity and oversight of an organization’s overall mobile strategy.

“We are excited to partner with SyncDog to provide the mobile workforce with unmatched mobile security within one integrated solution,” said Adi Sharabani, SVP & GM, Endpoint Solutions of Symantec.

“Giving employees the flexibility to work on-the-go without compromising the privacy and security of an organization requires secure mobile devices that defend against all detected threats that may place business data at risk of exposure.”

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