MicroStrategy simplifies orgs cloud deployments

MicroStrategy, a leading worldwide provider of enterprise analytics and mobility software, announced that organizations faced with growing system demands can seamlessly move their MicroStrategy analytics and mobility deployments to the cloud to help reduce costs, manage performance and scalability, and achieve rapid time to value.

To compare deployment strategies and assess the value of moving to the cloud, download the eBook about MicroStrategy Cloud and visit the Cloud Cost Savings Assessment to obtain a detailed report on the cost savings, performance improvements, and scalability gains that can be achieved by deploying in a cloud environment.

MicroStrategy 2019 is designed to be the foundation for the Intelligent Enterprise; in every major industry, with organizations moving their mission-critical applications, specifically analytics and mobility, to the cloud.

RAC Insurance, a leading insurance provider based in Western Australia, is moving its analytics environment to MicroStrategy Cloud Platform on Microsoft Azure. A key driver behind the move to the cloud is the scalability and reliability that will be achieved.

RAC Insurance plans to use MicroStrategy Cloud Platform on Azure to create many new data points relating to members by leveraging predictive analytics. This will potentially help RAC Insurance to unlock significant competitive advantage, increase profitability, and drive growth opportunities.

RAC Insurance will be able to dispense with on-premises infrastructure, reduce costs, and allow employees to focus more on creating value for their members and less on maintaining the physical infrastructure.

Once the platform is up and running, RAC Insurance has the opportunity to use features like HyperIntelligence, a breakthrough product in MicroStrategy 2019 that consolidates a variety of enterprise data into cards that appear to people in the applications they use every day — making Zero-Click Intelligence a reality with its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered features.

Onyx CenterSource, a leading global provider of B2B payments and business intelligence solutions to the hospitality industry, has moved to MicroStrategy Cloud Platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

To streamline costs, reduce data discrepancies, and address security and scalability, Onyx CenterSource moved their on-premises analytics environment to MicroStrategy Cloud Platform on AWS.

Today, Onyx CenterSource can scale its Amazon S3 storage services and two environments up or down to save costs, and its platform upgrades are 75% faster on AWS cloud.

“The backup and restore functionality available with MicroStrategy Cloud Platform has taken the pain out of upgrading.  Because of the way it snapshots and restores the entire platform and all the application-related components, including plugins and published datasets, we are able to schedule our upgrades with much more confidence,” said Jim O’Neill, BI Engineer, Onyx CenterSource.

Fanatics offers the largest collection of high-quality, officially licensed merchandise across all professional leagues and hundreds of college and professional teams, including some of the world’s most popular international football and baseball clubs.

Fans use Fanatics to purchase merchandise from their favorite teams, including major professional sports leagues such as the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and more.

“We’re an innovative tech company at heart, with a deep focus on data and analytics. Fanatics uses MicroStrategy on AWS to run thousands of analytical queries and share dossiers with hundreds of employees in an instant, giving our users the intelligence they need to make critical sales and inventory adjustments on the fly, especially during big sports moments,” said Amit Jain, Director of Data and Visualization Engineering at Fanatics.

“The power of MicroStrategy combined with the flexibility of AWS allows us to scale during peak periods, automate many of our processes, and experiment rapidly, while controlling our costs with a small team. MicroStrategy’s REST APIs blend an enormous amount of data in our dossiers, data that powers multiple internal applications that our users can tap into.

“We’re making it easier than ever for fans to find the products they’re looking for at the exact moment they want it and using the finest BI platform in the industry to serve more sports fans around the world,” said Mr. Jain.

“We’re making it easier and beneficial for our customers with a cloud-first strategy to successfully migrate their mission-critical analytics and mobility applications to the cloud,” said Michael J. Saylor, CEO, MicroStrategy Incorporated.

“In collaboration with leading public cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure, we’re focused on adding new modern capabilities to our offerings so our customers can easily act on growth opportunities and gain a competitive edge.

“We believe MicroStrategy Cloud Platform is the ideal on-ramp for organizations assessing their cloud deployment strategy and aiming to realize enormous gains in the cloud.”

Organizations can move analytics applications to the cloud with higher levels of flexibility, performance, security, and more

The cloud enhancements in MicroStrategy 2019 Update 2 and Update 3 offer broader options to an enterprise’s cloud-first analytics strategy. Organizations can choose MicroStrategy Cloud Platform to launch pre-configured, fully-optimized, enterprise-ready environments on AWS or Azure in an automated manner in under 30 minutes.

Licensed either perpetually or on a term basis, MicroStrategy Cloud Platform is optimally pre-configured for the cloud with new and advanced workflows, higher levels of flexibility, performance, and security, and much more.

Automated deployment accelerates time-to-value

MicroStrategy Cloud Platform allows organizations to launch the entire platform in an exceptionally automated manner. MicroStrategy Cloud Platform is pre-configured based on size and can be launched within 30 minutes with automatic controls into secure single tenant instances.

MicroStrategy Cloud Platform stands out in the industry for being multi-OS, multi-cloud provider, multi-instance, multi-version, and multi-node in most geographical regions — providing the flexibility that organizations are seeking. MicroStrategy Cloud Platform on AWS/Azure is available globally in 12 countries across America, Europe, and Asia.

Seamless cross-cloud deployment portability helps ensure minimal disruption to end users

Vendor lock-in is one of the biggest risks with cloud service providers today. To overcome this risk, enterprises need to prioritize the design of applications so they can easily be decoupled from the underlying infrastructure of their hosting vendor – which greatly simplifies the task of transporting applications and data to an alternate vendor.

MicroStrategy Cloud Platform’s automated backup and restore capabilities deliver the flexibility to easily backup and restore entire analytics environments in AWS and Azure.

With MicroStrategy Cloud Platform, administrators can quickly create and deploy parallel identical environments, conduct regression tests, and move users with minimal to no interruptions, making it possible to accelerate upgrade processes from weeks to hours.

Centralized administration offers end-to-end deployment and real-time monitoring across environments

MicroStrategy Cloud Platform on AWS/Azure offers a modern, highly intuitive, and centralized interface to deploy, manage, configure, and fully maintain production-ready architecture — directly within existing private VPC or VNet accounts and subnets or new accounts which can be created by the same console.

Organizations can fully manage multiple environments across AWS/Azure regions and perform real-time monitoring across environments to monitor service status and CPU utilization, server RAM utilization, database queue connections, storage utilization, and load balancer KPIs.

Administrators can automate the installation of MicroStrategy Cloud Platform updates and components of AWS/Azure and apply critical updates in under 30 minutes through four steps. In addition, administrators can elastically scale up to meet increased user and data volume or scale down during non-peak hours to save costs and view the cost estimates when resizing.

Administrators can also expand console functionality to automated workflows using extensive cloud REST APIs and extend the power of MicroStrategy Cloud to their DevOps automation workflows.

Pre-configured environments optimize cloud deployments

MicroStrategy Cloud Platform on AWS/Azure further optimizes an analytics deployment by offering a set of pre-configured environments, including Team, Department, and Enterprise. The Team configuration is available to effectively and cost-efficiently deploy the platform for smaller teams or for proof-of-concept projects.

The Department configuration comes with an optimized set of load balancers and instances deployed, making it easy to set up, operate, and scale a relationship database in the cloud.

With this option, users have a cost-efficient and resizable capacity, while automating time-consuming administrative tasks such as hardware provisioning, database set up, patching, backups, and more.

The Enterprise edition is the most powerful, scalable, and highly pre-configured option available and is fully equipped to support heavy production workloads by providing a cluster of up to four platform instance nodes.

Integration with 40+ public cloud services offers greater efficiencies

MicroStrategy’s cloud architecture includes proprietary tools and techniques to deliver greater productivity using the same or less compute and memory resources.

It is also fully equipped and optimized to leverage the AWS or Azure cloud architecture. To achieve this, MicroStrategy Cloud Platform integrates with 40+ public cloud services and includes unique workflows that leverage the latest public cloud services for compute, storage, database, network, content delivery, and administration.

By leveraging cloud native services, MicroStrategy Cloud Platform is able to achieve a more efficient and productive MicroStrategy application and deployment, as compared to a lift-and-shift type of deployment.

Rigorous security and regulatory compliance protects critical information in the cloud

Reinforced with a single-tenant environment, MicroStrategy provides comprehensive armor to safeguard enterprise data assets and applications. By deploying applications within secure VPC or VNet accounts, MicroStrategy prioritizes application security at each level: network, platform, and application; people and processes; and certifications and compliance.

Furthermore, MicroStrategy Cloud is designed to meet the specific needs of an organization from a certification and regulatory compliance standpoint, including the Service Organization Controls (SOC 2 Type II), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), EU–U.S. Privacy Shield Framework, International Organization for Standardization (ISO 27001), and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

“We engineered MicroStrategy 2019 to be an open, enterprise-grade platform for a simple reason: to give our customers the choice and flexibility to deploy their mission-critical applications either on-premises or in the cloud,” said Tim Lang, Senior Executive Vice President & CTO, MicroStrategy Incorporated.

“We offer some of the broadest options available for cloud-first analytics strategies. Organizations can now easily choose a cloud deployment that best fits their business needs without compromising their analytics environment.”

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