RocketBroadband’s SD-WAN solution allows businesses to keep critical apps online

RocketBroadband has released RocketSD, a fully managed SD-WAN solution which incorporates multi-carrier 4G/5G connectivity, distributed network monitoring, SD-WAN FlowTracking, AI-based analysis, IntelligentAlerts, and a centralized monitoring dashboard.

RocketBroadband RocketSD

These features provide centralized visibility showing connectivity and network performance for all business locations using PCs, iOS, or Android.

Businesses today have consolidated IT infrastructure, moving servers and applications to the cloud and to internal private-cloud virtualized infrastructure.

These businesses then rely on their remote locations having uninterrupted connectivity to centralized (cloud-based) business-critical applications (BCAs). These services simply cannot be down, or business is affected.

SD-WAN technologies have emerged as the go-to solution to solve connectivity problems, yet as businesses have looked toward implementing SD-WAN, they are often held back by the complexity, and cost of implementation – especially for remote sites.

RocketSD – Solving last-mile connectivity problems with integrated technologies

RocketSD solves the problem of providing uninterrupted connectivity for BCAs by providing a complete, integrated SD-WAN solution providing traffic steering, multi-carrier data connectivity, monitoring, and alerts.

RocketSD includes SD-WAN edge devices (or integrates with existing SD-WAN capable devices from Cisco, Meraki, Fortinet, Watchguard, Paloalto, SonicWall, Sophos, etc.). It also includes integrated multi-carrier 4G/5G data connectivity, and specialized IoT based monitoring using AI to track, test, and monitor the flow of data using SD-WAN connections.

RocketSD provides Internet connectivity via multiple, diverse 4G/5G carriers and integrated SD-WAN rules, allowing critical applications to be directed to the most appropriate connection possible. When outages or slowness occurs on a primary Internet connection, BCA traffic can be sent over one or more 4G/5G connections.

RocketSD applications

Any application that depends on remote sites connecting over the Internet to centralized cloud services can benefit from RocketSD. Some of these applications include:

  • VoIP (voice over IP)
  • Cloud-based point-of-sale (POS)
  • Property Management Systems used by hotels (PMS)
  • Credit/Debit card processing
  • Cloud-hosted corporate applications
  • Any cloud-hosted SAS (software as a service) application
  • Real-time data collection, control, and IoT applications
  • Network and physical security
  • Federal and State hosted cloud applications

RocketBroadband – Solving the last-mile problem

While companies like the idea of implementing SD-WAN as a solution to last-mile connectivity failures, many have determined it to be too costly and too complex to implement and manage.

This is because complexity and costs have traditionally been high when ordering, installing, and provisioning secondary connections across hundreds of locations. This problem is further compounded with the complexity of designing and installing the SD-WAN systems and implementing network monitoring & testing.

RocketSD solves these problems with a simple, easy-to-install solution which eliminates all these problems.

RocketBroadband has addressed this market by providing a range of products such as:

  • RocketFailover – which provides automated connection failover/failback for remote locations
  • VitalConnectivity – which provides dual-carrier 4G connectivity in a single appliance
  • iStatus – distributed network monitoring, Intelligent AI-driven alerts, ConnectionValidation, Network Performance Monitoring (NPM), FlowTracking, PC, Android, iOS clients.

iStatus – IoT based distributed network monitoring

RocketSD includes iStatus with patent-pending ConnectionValidation and FlowTracking technology to verify connectivity, and track the flow of traffic for each of these BCAs across your enterprise, so you always know which traffic is flowing over what connection.

iStatus has carrier integration with major 4G/5G carriers to allow you to also track and understand 4G/5G data usage across multiple locations and carriers. iStatus also includes patent-pending CongestionDetection™ technology, allowing you to monitor for congested connections across your enterprise.

RocketBroadband – Solutions you can trust

RocketBroadband software applications have been fully developed in the United States by an in-house development team using the latest development and automated testing technologies.

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