Easy NX Connect for Egnyte enables fast and secure file sharing

Fujitsu Computer Products of America, the established leader in document imaging, announced a new integration with the FUJITSU fi-7300NX document scanner and Egnyte.

Easy NX Connect for Egnyte is a convenient software license that enables organizations to scan directly to Egnyte via a quick tap and scan into a secure, sharable workflow.

Easy NX Connect for Egnyte includes NFC authentication and direct integration into Egnyte’s Enterprise File Sharing and Content Governance platform. In conjunction with the FUJITSU fi-7300NX document scanner with PaperStream NX Manager, it becomes a simple on-ramp to digital transformation.

Images are cleaned up, tagged with metadata, indexed by keyword, and OCR’d providing searchable and retrievable documents. Egnyte allows businesses to capture documents, regardless of size, location, device or bandwidth and quickly send those documents to a sharable and secure destination.

It provides centralized data governance to protect business-critical content wherever it resides while remaining fully compliant with the latest data regulations.

“Capturing critical content while maintaining data security and integrity is crucial to government organizations,” said Yasunari Shimizu, President & CEO of Fujitsu Computer Products of America.

“With Easy NX Connect for Egnyte, we introduce a solution that makes achieving these goals easier, combined with the exceptional flexibility and benefits of our fi-7300NX scanner.”

Using the fi-7300NX with PaperStream NX Manager, customers can perform PC-less scanning directly into their Egnyte workflow, relieving the cost of PC hardware and the need for additional IT support.

One less PC to manage! Additionally, with Wi-Fi connectivity, the implementation and configuration is so simple, the scanner and application can be quickly deployed, easily relocated and managed from a central location.

Easy NX Connect for Egnyte features:

  • Quickly and directly log into Egnyte using NFC Card or PIN login
  • Scan into secure, sharable workflows with centralized data governance
  • Enable secure file sharing capability and access to content delivered at hyper-speed, regardless of file size, location, device or bandwidth
  • Reduce costs and expensive infrastructure by moving to the cloud
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