Ubisecure IDaaS: Solve complex identity management challenges

Ubisecure launched its new IDaaS product to help developers take applications to market faster with streamlined and secure digital identity functionality in web, mobile and single page applications.

The new IDaaS offering is API-based which allows businesses to solve complex identity management challenges. APIs provide on-demand expertise that would otherwise require resource-heavy in-house development. By leveraging APIs, organisations are essentially plugging in standards-based, customisable functionality to their existing technology, with a wealth of knowledge and experience already built in. Consequently, they allow developers to focus on core business competencies, rather than reinvent the wheel.

Traditionally, organisations would build identity management functionality internally or, less riskily, make use of technology stacks like the Ubisecure Identity Platform. While software stacks are ideal for larger scale identity use cases, either in the cloud or on-premise, the new cloud-based IDaaS offering provides an ideal solution for more common, simple use cases, such as B2C/B2B Single Sign-On (SSO), which requires fast integration and standardised feature sets.

B2C/B2B SSO use cases are ideally suited to a cloud-based solution, which enables simple access to API functionality; Ubisecure-managed hosting and updating (as a managed service); plus all the other benefits of a SaaS business model, such as a pay-as-you-grow scalability.

“With the current rate of digital transformation advancing at a rapid pace, adoption of cloud services is beginning to reach maturity”, said Simon Wood, CEO, Ubisecure. “With that in mind, we must ensure our products and services meet today’s digital identity requirements and cater to ever-evolving customer needs.

“The new IDaaS solution has been created as a response to demand from developers for simplified use cases and also to an ever-upwards trend of SaaS adoption,“ Simon continued. “Ubisecure has always deployed solutions to the cloud, but this approach offers a simplified, standardised deployment that allows developers to implement features like SSO, much faster and easier.”

Identity leader KuppingerCole has welcomed the move, with Martin Kuppinger, founder and principal analyst at the firm commenting, “Ubisecure has demonstrated its value specifically in scenarios with complex B2B2C relationships, where its strength in delegating access is a differentiator to other providers in the market.”

Ubisecure IDaaS offers as standard: Identity Provider support for authentication (e.g. BankID etc.), integration of unlimited social Identity Providers, integration to enterprise or custom applications, log retention, option for either single-tenant and multi-tenant, onboarding via in-house customer success team and world-class SLAs. Optional add-ons are available for more complex use cases, or customers can start simple and build out additional features as their business grows, such as advanced delegation capability and multi-factor authentication (MFA).


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