Gigamon releases the Gigamon Metadata Empowered Program for technology providers

Gigamon, the leader in network visibility and analytics for digital innovators, announced the launch of the Gigamon Metadata Empowered Program, the company’s first developer program.

This program enables technology partners to deliver the next generation of application-aware solutions, with over 5,000 application and protocol related metadata attributes, for deeper insights into application and user behavior.

The Gigamon Metadata Empowered Program provides partners with the resources to integrate their tools with Gigamon Application Metadata Intelligence to create more effective and efficient solutions.

To accelerate success, the program offers a range of support, including design and development assistance and comprehensive go-to-market support under the Gigamon Catalyst Partner program.

“As one of the first Metadata Empowered Partners, Plixer is excited to be part of the new Gigamon Application Metadata solution offering and the joint value proposition it provides. In addition, the marketing collaboration and channel access we’ve received from Gigamon has been outstanding,” said Jeff Lindholm, President and CEO, Plixer.

Gigamon Metadata Empowered applications are now available from partners including FireEye, Flowmon, Plixer, Spirent and Viavi. In addition, new partners such as Active Countermeasures, Netflow Auditor and WitFoo have become Gigamon Technology Alliance partners specifically to take advantage of the comprehensive technical development and sales support Gigamon offers its partners.

“Security and network monitoring tools are only as effective as the data they receive. Our program integrates partner tools to provide access to a treasure trove of previously inaccessible data about applications and protocols, including OT, ICS and SCADA.

“SecOps can now identify security threats more quickly and precisely and NetOps can pinpoint application performance issues before they impact the customer experience,” said Bassam Khan, Vice President, Product Marketing and Technical Solutions Engineering, Gigamon.

“Gigamon is committed to delivering high value solutions to our customers through our Metadata Empowered partners,” said Michelle Hodges, Vice President, Worldwide Channels and Alliances, Gigamon.

“We are excited to expand our programs with partners that share the same vision and drive to provide cutting edge solutions to the market, while creating opportunities for additional value for these partners and their Gigamon business.”

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