Nerdio partners with Ingram Micro Cloud marketplace

Nerdio, the definitive Azure solution for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), announced a new partnership with Ingram Micro Cloud and the addition of Nerdio for Azure to Ingram Micro’s marketplace.

The new partnership creates a compelling offering that will allow MSPs to build successful cloud practices in Microsoft Azure, and affords Nerdio and Ingram Micro Cloud the opportunity to benefit their mutual customers and scale their respective businesses.

“We are excited to launch Nerdio on Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace, the industry’s broadest, fully automated ecommerce platform and web store for cloud service providers,” said John Dusett, Executive Director, Cloud Services Business Unit at Ingram Micro Cloud.

“Nerdio will be a key component of Azure Accelerate, Ingram Micro Cloud’s partner transformation program, and will enable Azure consumption for our mutual partners.”

Nerdio for Azure is a dynamic IT solution that allows MSPs to automatically deploy a complete IT environment in Azure within two hours with just a few clicks and without the need for an experienced engineer.

Users can customize each environment by adding domains and line-of-business applications, importing Office 365 users, and more. This level of automated support and control coupled with Nerdio’s 24/7 tech assistance and easy-to-use interface will provide Ingram Micro customers with an unbeatable and customizable platform to maximize the power of Microsoft Azure.

“We are very proud of the work we’re doing at Nerdio, and excited about our continued progress when it comes to solidifying new partnerships, strengthening existing ones, and continuing to empower and support those looking to move to the cloud,” said Joseph Landes, Chief Revenue Officer at Nerdio.

Adding, “Our team is incredibly dedicated to the evolution of simplified cloud deployment and management and look forward to working with Ingram Micro Cloud, a renowned industry leader, to help even more managed service providers build successful cloud practices in Microsoft Azure. ”

Capitalizing on this new partnership and an impressive year of growth, Nerdio has many product-related initiatives set to launch before the end of this year to continue adding service and value to Microsoft Azure and the MSPs utilizing it.

These include significant updates to the existing Cost Estimator tool, and new offerings including a mobile app, disaster recovery service, and product integration with Windows Virtual Desktop.

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