APSYS commits to the emerging issue of autonomous transportation vehicles

After having been a pioneer in air transport safety and security, APSYS, a consulting firm specialising in “Safety” and “Security” for complex systems, has been committed for several years to the emerging issue of autonomous transportation vehicles, either on ground or in the air.

These systems concentrate all the strategic innovations (Artificial Intelligence, big data, robotics, cobots…) around which methods, tools and securing standards are rapidly and constantly evolving.

Developing tomorrow’s vehicles requires a continuous research effort, in order to predict and anticipate the behavior of these transportations means when confronted to real, open and complex environments.

Security is therefore a key issue and a true challenge. APSYS has integrated the networks and communities working on this issue, and, despite unexisting international certification, APSYS focuses on the new potentials of simulation systems, which enable to anticipate the outbreak of “risky” situations.

The work carried out by APSYS and its partners, VEDECOM, PSA and RENAULT, aiming at the production of equipped standards which can develop demonstrations for “Safety” and “Security” performances, reflect the progress in mastering these new situations.

APSYS, notably, has developed a unique tool which generates critical usercase scenarios for safety, enabling a realistic simulation of the behaviour of future vehicles.

According to Emmanuel ARBARETIER, head of innovation at APSYS, “these new simulation chains make it possible to ensure a certain level of confidence in the systems developed by the industry. They provide a form of sustainability when the product is launched : security analysis include usecase mapping and involve sampling and exploring methods adapted to infinite universe and requiring complex mathematical investigation”.

In the automotive sector, APSYS is working with the Institute of Research and Technology in Saclay (Paris) on the specification of security requirements, through the creation of future standards regarding international organisations such as the GRVA (Working party on Automated/Autonomous and Connected Vehicles) in Geneva and the OICA (International Organisation of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers) in Paris.

In the rail sector, APSYS is part of the “Train of the future” consortium since 2018 with the SNCF (French national railway), with the aim of designing a prototype for an autonomous freight train, and intends to become the kingpin in the structuration of validation frameworks for autonomous systems.

At a time when transportation means are increasingly interconnected, APSYS is committed to optimising the passenger’s safety. Fulfilling this requirement is a non-negotiable condition for the perpetuation of future business models for these new mobilities.

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