Edgesource launches new certification program designed to detect and mitigate vulnerabilities

Launched by government cybersecurity contractor Edgesource Corporation, Tier 1 Cyber is arming businesses with a new standard of cybersecurity through the launch of its Tier 1 Secure certification.

This four-step program includes the most aggressive assessment on the market by the most elite team, and is designed to detect and mitigate vulnerabilities so that organizations and their partners can operate with confidence.

A Tier 1 Secure certification proves that a company exceeds the latest U.S. and international standards, and is taking an assertive and necessary approach to its cybersecurity defense.

By some estimates, the annual global costs of cybercrime could exceed $6 trillion by 2021 due to extensive and constantly evolving threats, with billions in regulatory fines and legal liability.

That’s why Tier 1 Cyber conducts an over-1,000-point assessment of the business, regulatory and technical components of a company that is 10-times more robust, on average, than competitors.

“Security is not a one-size-fits-all model,” explains Tier 1 Cyber CEO, Bret C. Cohen. “Organizations need to proactively and aggressively address all areas of cybersecurity as they pertain to their particular business. Too many solutions take a siloed approach that leaves gaps in protection that organizations may not even be aware of until it’s too late.

“We layer in-depth knowledge of new regulatory regimes with advanced technical and threat detection capabilities to expose and remediate issues, and keep your business in-step with the latest compliance frameworks.”

The Tier 1 Cyber team is comprised of experts previously tasked with protecting the world’s most important intelligence and military assets. Members are former Department of Defense and intelligence community-specialized personnel with advanced training not available elsewhere in the industry.

Once the comprehensive assessment is complete, the Tier 1 Cyber team will work with clients to develop a customized plan that addresses technology solutions, optimizes internal processes and provides training as needed. Once implemented, an organization receives its certification, is monitored for continuous improvement and will be recertified annually.

“With Edgesource at the forefront of intelligence cybersecurity, we are launching Tier 1 Cyber to bring the same level of vigilance and expertise to protect commercial enterprises around the world.

“The prevalence and expense of cyber attacks on companies are growing daily and we see a compelling need to bring our comprehensive cybersecurity program to organizations of all sizes,” said Edgesource CEO J. Christopher Lansburgh.

According to a recent report by IBM Security, the percentage chance of experiencing a data breach within two years was nearly 30 percent in 2019, and steadily growing year over year.

That same study found the average cost of a breach to be nearly $8.2 million dollars in the United States. Global ransomware attacks alone are predicted to exceed $11.5 billion annually this year.

A Tier 1 Secure certification provides CEOs, Board of Directors and company ownership the confidence that their enterprise is secure, risk is minimized, and the business meets regulatory and legal compliance.

The certification will greatly reduce the chances of a cyber event and will drastically limit the financial, operational and reputational costs associated with a breach.

Additional benefits include protection against legal determinations of negligence, reduced insurance costs, best practices, and preparation for upcoming protocols such as the Department of Defense’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).

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