eBook: The DevOps Roadmap for Security

DevOps is concerned with uniting two particular tribes: development and operations. These tribes have seemingly competing priorities: developers value features while operations value stability.

eBook DevOps Roadmap for Security

These contradictions are largely mitigated by DevOps. A strong argument could be made that the values of the security tribe – defensibility – could just as easily be brought into the fold, forming a triumvirate under the DevSecOps umbrella.

The security tribe’s way forward is to find ways to unify with DevOps in four key areas:

  • Create feedback loops
  • Unite security and engineering culture
  • Enable delivery velocity
  • Treat everything as code.

Download this eBook to learn how to extend the benefits of DevOps to security and how to embrace and implement modern DevSecOps principles, practices, and tooling.

The eBook is no longer available.

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