DataVisor expands its family of fraud detection solutions with the Advanced Rules Engine

DataVisor, the leading fraud detection company with solutions powered by transformational AI technology, has expanded its family of fraud detection solutions with the Advanced Rules Engine that augments its product suites of sophisticated proactive measurements for organizations in their fight against fraud.

DataVisor Rules Engine leverages the recently launched Feature Platform to engineer complex features for advanced rule creation. It delivers advanced rule management and rule performance optimization to enable teams to manage complex rules at scale with maximum flexibility and streamlined workflow.

“These solutions build on our promise to keep companies and their customers safe from fraud and abuse. With our Advanced Rules Engine, customers can leverage the power of enriched features provided by the DataVisor Feature Platform to detect a variety of fraudulent behaviors while taking advantage of the explainability and usability of the rules engine.

“The integration of rules engine and machine learning technologies allows users to address fraud with comprehensive tools while removing the complexity of fraud management,” says Yinglian Xie, CEO and co-founder of DataVisor.

DataVisor Rules Engine

The DataVisor Rules Engine not only provides full flexibility for organizations to develop their own complex rule sets for their unique requirements, but also sophisticated out-of-box enriched features and machine-learning derived features powered by the DataVisor Feature Platform.

This ensures teams can get working immediately on more effectively combating fraud attacks.

Using Rules Engine, organizations can create and manage rule sets to systematically organize rules, and track and validate rule performance. This can be done using advanced capabilities such as back testing and forward testing.

Powerful back testing on historical data can validate detection performance whereas forward testing empowers users to publish rules in a test mode and run it for a period to determine their impact on the environment.

The advanced rule management capabilities of Rules Engine efficiently manage complex rules at a large scale. Users can easily customize rules with metadata to apply logic combinations and create rule overviews.

Decision-makers can also track rule performance trends and detected accounts over time with visualized insights in the user interface. Furthermore, teams can combine rule engine results with machine learning results in a centralized decision-making process that promotes enhanced performance.

The detected results are part of the case management and can be integrated for automated decisioning.

“Using DataVisor Rules Engine, organizations can be rest assured they have the simplicity of a rules engine along with the scalability and capabilities of machine learning to safeguard their business from fraud,” says Xie.

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