Aparavi File Protect & Insight delivers hybrid and multi-cloud file backup and retention

Aparavi announced a new solution to deliver hybrid and multi-cloud file backup and long-term retention. Aparavi File Protect & Insight (FPI) addresses the varying and fast-growing unstructured data loads organizations manage today, including backing up files from central storage devices and large numbers of endpoints, to any or multiple cloud destinations.

Aparavi File Protect & Insight

The new solution features Aparavi Data Awareness for intelligence and insight, along with global security, search, and access, to ensure files are protected and available.

Use cases for Aparavi FPI include file-by-file backup and retention for endpoints and servers, automation of governance policies at the source of data, and most critically, ransomware recovery. Aparavi provides a second line of defense with an immutable copy of data to ensure ransomware recovery, along with a mountable archive to restore files quickly either on a file-by-file basis or entire file systems. Aparavi Data Awareness with insight into the content of files enables more risk averse data to be managed in a more secure manner.

Organizations can lessen the workloads of their traditional backup solutions by using Aparavi FPI for their unstructured data, improving performance and saving on licensing and on-premises storage costs. Aparavi’s on-premises index provides near instant search results with pattern matching and metadata while avoiding costly on-prem hardware. The creation of user rights enables only pre-approved individuals access to the data and streamlines delivery during audit or legal proceedings.

Aparavi Data Awareness for visibility and discovery into files and their content

Aparavi Data Awareness automatically scans files and file systems, extracting information from within the files itself and related metadata. Files can be classified based on individual words, phrases, dates, file types, and patterns. Users gain a global view into their files, file hierarchy, the file access history, and related metadata and attributes for granular insight into previously opaque data.

Global Security for peace of mind

Files are encrypted both in-motion during file transfers, and at-rest in the target storage, using industry standard AES 256 encryption. Permissions are set on a role basis for control over file access, and file versioning is maintained for copy management. A published data format is used to ensure readability forever with no vendor lock-in. Aparavi constantly monitors its environment to protect against external and internal threats, and can block suspicious file activity to ensure the right files are only accessible by the right users.

Data Search and Access for governance and compliance

Users can search and easily access files, their contents, and related data whenever needed, regardless of where files are stored. FPI performs content search by words, phrases, or patterns within files, and metadata search by classification, date, file name or type, or optional wildcards. Data is easily searched wherever it resides, whether on-premises or in one or multiple clouds, without having to know the location.

Classify data based on sensitivity

FPI can identify sensitive data to ensure proper management of personally identifiable information (PII), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and global compliance policies can be applied to support custom pattern recognition for eDiscovery.

Cloud integration and security

Aparavi seamlessly integrates with all leading public cloud vendors, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and Wasabi, and on-premises cloud vendors such as Scality, Caringo, Backblaze, and Cloudian.

Protection from the data center to every endpoint

FPI protects files from core to edge to cloud, including centralized or distributed storage devices to endpoints, substantially easing administrative time and effort and ensuring no files are vulnerable. Aparavi full-content search and classification provide the insight necessary to intelligently manage the data on any device, allowing for more efficient endpoint management.

“What makes Aparavi unique and compelling is that we combine simple and secure file backup with the insight necessary for effective data management,” said Adrian Knapp, founder and CEO, Aparavi. “With Aparavi File Protect & Insight organizations can both understand exactly what is in all their files, as well as organize it, protect it, and make it accessible for future use.”

“We chose Aparavi File Protect & Insight because of the power full-content search gives us,” said Andrew Bialock, owner Advanced Systems Integrators. “With that and the built in policy tools, we have a way to track file changes where none should be in order to detect malware and encryption, giving us the control we need.”

“The current backup model for unstructured data is unwieldy, cumbersome, expensive, and does not provide insight into what is being protected. Organizations need a different solution for their large volumes of this data,” said George Crump, Chief Steward at Storage Switzerland. “Aparavi FPI provides the insight needed into the data so organizations can make intelligent decisions about it, while also delivering effective protection, file governance, and long-term management.”

Aparavi File Protect & Insight is available immediately and pricing starts at $400/TB per year.

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