Arista Networks selected by SK Telecom for 5G data transmission service

Arista Networks announced that it is providing network platforms for SK Telecom’s 5G network. SK Telecom will be building a high capacity leaf-spine based data center network environment leveraging VXLAN/EVPN for virtualization, scalability and availability, providing customers with reliable high-speed network services.

SK Telecom commercialized its 5G service in December of last year for the first time and intends to apply Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) for an efficient IT infrastructure expansion plan in line with its service expansion.

Accordingly, in a bid to provide high-capacity data transmission services reliably, it reviewed introducing high-speed network switches capable of supporting 25GbE/100GbE or higher, as well as the existing 10GbE speed.

Arista switch platforms are expected to become key elements of the network infrastructure as they provide reliable services, efficient network management and real-time monitoring features.

“By installing Arista Networks’ network switches optimized for 5G in our infrastructure, we have been able to provide high-quality 5G services quickly and reliably to our customers,” said Se Wook Kim, Manager for SK Telecom’s Core Engineering Team of Infra Eng Group at ICT Infra Center.

“Arista Networks also offers prompt and expert support services appropriate for our business characteristics, for which reliable service operation is essential. In the future, we intend to work together to proceed with network infrastructure upgrades in accordance with our 3G service expansion,” he added.

“We are delighted to be working with SK Telecom to deliver a 5G open architecture with programmable automation that will scale to support their customers,” said Mark Foss, Senior Vice President, Global Operations and Marketing for Arista Networks.

Arista Networks is providing SK Telecom with universal spine and leaf network switches, combining routing and switching to reduce complexity and significantly improve scale without compromising performance at speeds of 100+Tbps.

In addition, Arista’s network switches enable functionality such as 100GbE aggregation, large routing tables, high resiliency, hybrid cloud traffic patterns, lossless connectivity and real-time monitoring in a single chassis, meeting the requirements of commercial, private and hybrid clouds.

At the core of this solution is Arista EOS (Extensible Operating System), simplifying network operations with single image consistency, Smart System Upgrade (SSU) and integration with existing networks resulting in time and money savings.

CloudVision extends this approach by delivering a consistent telemetry and automation system for the entire network across private, public and hybrid clouds.

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