Symantec Endpoint Security delivers protection, detection and response in a single solution

Symantec, the world’s leading cyber security company, announced a major revamp to its endpoint portfolio with Symantec Endpoint Security (SES), which now delivers protection, detection and response in a single solution, as well as new attack surface reduction, threat hunting, and breach assessment and prevention capabilities.

Symantec Endpoint Security

To safeguard their organizations from modern and sophisticated attacks, security teams need simple, comprehensive and flexible solutions. They also need automated assistance with security management to quickly evaluate risks and take action to secure their organization.

SES solves for these needs, finding and stopping attacks with analytics honed by Symantec’s world-renowned security experts. Customers can deploy and manage SES via the cloud or on-premises, or a hybrid of both, for all operating systems including mobile devices, with single agent installation.

“The Symantec platform now offers tremendous breadth and depth, with a new level of simplification that many security teams will be surprised to see,” said Dave Gruber, Enterprise Strategy Group.

“Leveraging a single agent, the new Symantec Endpoint Security platform brings this vision to life, while adding compelling new breach assessment and prevention capabilities, support for in-house threat hunting activities with analytics and managed threat hunting services where organizations lack resources or skills.”

“Symantec Endpoint Security will stop emerging threats from impacting the Williams business,” said Graeme Hackland, CIO, Williams. “We’re excited about protection that stops all kinds of attacks, as well as the cloud-delivered innovation – such as the expanding use of artificial intelligence in security management with this Symantec solution. This will definitely free up our time and resources.”

Symantec Endpoint Security is designed to meet the unique needs of every type of organization, with Symantec experts providing proactive managed threat hunting, remote investigations, and pre-authorized remediation for organizations that can’t or don’t want to manage these key capabilities themselves.

Enterprise customers with in-house investigation resources can opt for the brand new Threat Hunting Center add-on, which automates threat hunting across all security devices present in an organization’s Security Operations Center (SOC), enabling rapid response across billions of events.

Threat Hunting Center customers will experience prioritized key alerts, reduced false positives, and faster investigations and incident remediation.

The Threat Hunting Center integrates threat intelligence from a variety of sources and will provide retrospective analysis and proactive searches for unknown Indicators of Compromise (IOC’s) in the environment to pinpoint threats and in-process attacks that might not otherwise have been detected.

“Symantec Endpoint Security is the future of security — easy to deploy, simple, automated, across every device. Symantec Endpoint Security is uniquely equipped to actively reduce the attack surface, eliminating the threat of serious attacks like targeted ransomware.

“And SES gives customers complete visibility into attacker activity on the device, leveraging cloud analytics that can spot the most hidden targeted activity,” said Adam Bromwich, SVP and GM, Endpoint Solutions, Symantec.

“With complete protection, EDR, attack surface reduction, and threat hunting tools, Symantec Endpoint Security should now be an industry standard for today’s security teams.”

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