AirHop partners with Altiostar to accelerate network deployment and provide increased capacity

AirHop Communications, a market leader of fully virtualized real-time Self-Organizing Network (SON) software, announced at MWC Americas they are working with Altiostar, a pioneer in open virtualized RAN (open vRAN) technology, to deliver innovative real-time RAN automation and optimization solutions for 4G and 5G wireless networks by combining AirHop’s eSON technology with Altiostar’s open virtualized software-centric RAN solution.

“Altiostar is thrilled to collaborate with AirHop to provide real-time multi-cell coordinated network intelligence capabilities in conjunction with Altiostar’s innovative Open vRAN to mobile operators for 4G and 5G systems,” stated Altiostar’s Executive Vice President of Strategy and Product Management Thierry Maupilé.

“AirHop’s commercially proven eSON provides the ability to dynamically assess and control network resources at every cell in the Open vRAN while optimizing performance from the perspective of the overall network, resulting in significant gains in network performance, improvements in end-user Quality of Experience (QoE) and reductions in OpEx.”

“AirHop is excited to deliver the power of real-time eSON combined with Altiostar’s innovative open architecture to deliver wireless operators with future-proof network solutions that addresses the needs of today with the reality of tomorrow’s 5G networks,” said Yan Hui, Co-Founder and CEO of AirHop Communications.

“As network densification drives the need for many more cells, management and radio optimization of the coverage areas and interference becomes more challenging, wireless operators are pushing for solutions like AirHop eSON and Altiostar Open vRAN to bring automation and webscale economics to the wireless network to achieve sustainable levels of CapEx and OpEx.”

AirHop and Altiostar have deployed eSON network intelligence managed Open vRAN solutions in a lead operator’s network. The customer is attaining spectral efficiency improvements of 30% in macro cell deployments through innovative interference management algorithms.

In addition, the combined solution delivers continuous network configuration, conflict detection and automated conflict resolution to ensure optimal network performance throughout deployment and ongoing operation.

By dynamically coordinating RAN resources and parameters of neighboring cells across the entire network, the solution is able to deliver a consistently high end-user QoE.

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